Human Trafficking…we need to help these girls!!!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have been hearing about HUMAN TRAFFICKING!   We cannot get up everyday knowing this is happening and not help to end it!  Sometimes these issues seem so big and overwhelming that we think how could I possibly make a difference…well, together WE CAN!

The average age of entry into the sex slave industry is 12-14…

What were you doing when you were 13?   Were you a cheerleader?  Hanging out with friends at the mall or skating rink.  Can you fathom being drugged and forced to “service” 30-40 men a day when you were only 13?

Earlier this year, Joyce Meyer did a story on this subject and how her ministry was joining with the Dream Center LA to renovate an old building in downtown LA to house and rehabilitate young women who are rescued from the sex slave industry.  We had to find out more and took a tour of the facility last week.   The stories were heartwrenching and we were in tears through the entire tour. WOW, THE PEOPLE AT THE DREAM CENTER ARE LIKE ANGELS ON EARTH!

We have to share one story in particular with you.  This proved to us that this is not just an overseas issue…IT IS HAPPENING IN OUR OWN BACKYARD!   A 13 year old girl was trained to be a “recruiter” and enrolled in a normal LA school.  She became friends with a girl who I assume was a good “candidate”. The recruiter girl invited the girl for a sleep over and everything seemed normal.  They were watching TV and just hanging out.  The recruiter girl went to the kitchen to get them something to drink and slipped a drug into the other girls drink.  She passed out and woke up to a man raping her.  They gave her more drugs!  When she eventually came to, she was filthy, hungry and exhausted.  She had no idea how long she had been there or how many men had raped her.  She was sold to a man in Texas– Tiff’s HOME STATE- for $200,000 and was kept drugged up in a basement and forced to have sex with up to 40 men a day!  THIS INFURIATES US!  Who are these men?  The buyers and the sellers. The devil’s spawn!  They are the men in front of us in the grocery line, sitting at the table next to us in a restaurant or YOUR NEIGHBOR!  They must be stopped!

This story has a happy ending, but unfortunately most of them do not!  The statistics are beyond horrible.  Only 1%, yes, 1% of these girls are ever found and rescued.  But, this girl in Texas was!  By the Grace of God, her brother- a truck driver- was on a trip from Cali to Tx and stopped at a convenience store.  He looked down into the backseat of a car and saw a high, drugged out girl…YES, IT WAS HIS SISTER!  He got away with her, but the perpetrator was never found.

We can help these girls!  It is very expensive to rehabilitate them because of all the medical care they need and the length of the rehabilitation process. First they are weened off the drugs and many need false teeth because their teeth have rotted out from the drug use.  They are taken care of physically then the long road of emotional recovery begins.  The average length of rehabilitation is 7 years.  So, by the time they are around 20, they are ready to go back into society and start their lives.  This brings me to tears just writing this. WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING TO PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING!

We will keep you posted as we get more involved!  If you are interested in finding out more, go to

Thank you for taking the time to read this!  God Bless,  Tiff xoxo

If you have it on your heart to donate, you can do so by a financial contribution or by sending the following items or gift cards:


Funds: Donate online or send checks payable to The Dream Center. Join with us on raising awareness on this issue of human trafficking.
2301 Bellevue Ave.  Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 273.7000
Time: Pray
This ministry would not be possible without prayer! This is something everyone can do!


Gift Cards: We are providing everything for these girls from basic needs to furniture for them to use. Anything helps!

– Target
– H&M
– Forever21
– Bed Bath & Beyond
– Visa Gift Cards
– Restaurants & Movie theaters
– Birthday Boxes – Items may include:
– G-rated movies, board games, books for teens, pampering items, nail polish, jewelry etc


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