A few years ago on a Christmas trip to Australia, I found out I had this crazy thing called CANDIDA! Hmmm, what the heck is that, you ask?   After indulging on my Mother-in-Law‘s ridiculously delish homebaked breads and cakes, a friend of mine recommended I “juice” for a few days to get my system rebalanced.  He gave me a juice of apple, carrot, celery, a few other things I can’t remember along with a serious helping of ginger.   It was so hot and tangy I could barely drink it, but being the brave girl I am…I downed the entire glass of this concoction.

A few hours later during dinner, my hubby looked at me and said “babe, what’s going on with your lips?”  I was itchy all over and so uncomfortable.  I pulled out a mirror and my lips looked like Eddie Murphy‘s in the Nutty Professor.  You know the scene when he’s turning into his alter ego and his body parts are all huge and morphed!   I did have a brief Angelina Jolie moment!  By the time we got home from dinner, I had hives all over my body.  Our friend said, that looks like a candida reaction to the ginger.  HUH?  He explained that candida was an overgrowth of yeast which feeds and grows off the sugars in our bodies.  It can cause fatigue, a lethargic feeling and overall sluggish energy.   With a few simple lifestyle changes like eating more yogurt and reducing starches and sugars, candida can easily be kept under control.

My sister, Natalie,  also battles keeping her candida under control and just went on a great cleanse which she shares in the latest webisode.  She’s candid about how the cleanse gave her a bad case of smelly feet!  Pewww!


Joint and muscle pain
Persistent gas and bloating
Recurrent bladder infections
Recurrent vaginal yeast infections
Sinus problems
Sugar cravings
Bad breath
Blurred vision
Brain fog
Chemical sensitivity
Mood Problems
Food sensitivities and allergies


FOR MORE,  http://www.renewlife.com/candigone.html



  1. YOU Girls Continue To Inspire ME! I am so blown away through each and every message. Being all the way from CANADA you both have truly Changed my Life and continue to do so~ SO HONORED to have you in my upcoming book and you girls continue to touch lives and change lives all over the WORLD~ LOVE YOU BOTH Over The TOP~~ OXOXX Jules

  2. OMG….I can’t tell you how much research I have done on Candida! It has been a battle in my life for the past year. So happy you covered this, cause Candida is an issue for so many women (men too) and they have no clue! NO CLUE!!! A simple cleans will not rid your body of the Candida. It takes a LIFESTYLE change! A diet change, making sure you have enough physical exercise, emotional support and 100% discipline.

    For the past year I have been battling acne and melasma. I had amazing skin until one summer I started getting acne. After multiple treatments that caused more damage, thousands of dollars later and worse skin, my girlfriend in Dallas finally pulled me aside (at a job!) and informed me of Candida. At that moment I decided to take the bull by the horns and self educate myself. I have read and studied “Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook” by Jeanne Marie Martin, “Transform Your Skin Naturally” by Dr. Ben Johnson and many other books and creditable websites to learn more and self educate myself on Candida. I even currently use some of the recipes from the guidebook mentioned above to help improve my diet and insure that I am not constantly feeding the yeast inside me. The recipes are delicious and easy to make!

    You have to be discipline because it only takes a little sugar to feed the yeast and help them grow internally. You will also notice that you will become irritable and a little impatient…this is normal. The die off of the yeast is causing an imbalance, as well as irritating the living yeast inside. It is almost like having withdrawals. If you are a sugar addict, caffein addict…you have withdrawals when you eliminate those things from your diet and your body has to adjust, same concept. So stay strong and stay away from the sugars. Speak with a nutritionist to help discipline your diet. 🙂

    I am all about natural remedies and wanting to be as healthy as possible so I looked into treatments that didn’t include drugs. I started the Caparycilic Acid and Goldenseal. I did Dr. Natura cleans. I haven’t done the colonic yet, but I have heard that a colonic is another good treatment method. I cut back on alcohol consumption. I saw results within one to two months. I have no more acne, but I still have a little Candida internally. My cravings for sugar have subsided but my body is still reacting to the Candida die off effect. It can be extreme depending on your condition. I know Natalie said her feet began to smell, well… my boyfriend said the past few months that my breath has been kickin…embarrassing, but we think it has to do with the die off. There are so many common reactions and symptoms your body will go through while it is processing the yeast that has been killed.

    I could write for hours…I’m with the girls and would also encourage everyone to consult there physician before self treating. 🙂 Always self educate because knowledge is power!!

    Thank you so much for addressing this issue and bringing light to it.
    Peace and Love!

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