Hmmm, can a woman’s arms be too ripped?

Hey SOS Vixens!

As many of us are in the quest to reach our goal weight and optimal fitness- how far is too far?  Can a woman get too ripped? 


In this candid,  behind-the-scenes webisode, Plus Size Expert Marcy Guevara and Makeup Artist Vio Meyners chat about whether or not female TV Hosts should reveal their bare arms on camera. They bring up how ripped Kelly Ripa’s arms are and if that makes her unrelatable to viewers.


Here’s my two cents: 

I actually love a sexy, toned, muscular arm on a woman!  Over the years, I have gone through phases where I wanted really rock hard arms then decided I like the way yoga kept my arms long and lean without the bulk.  I gain muscle really easy and have to be careful with weights.  At the end of the day, we all have to be able to look at ourselves in the mirror and like that chick staring back at us.  Whether you prefer a more soft, womanly appearance or a strong, muscular look-  DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!   But, remember keeping our arms toned now will help how we look when we’re older.  You know the old arm wave and the bra overhang is not so pretty!

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4 thoughts on “Hmmm, can a woman’s arms be too ripped?

  1. Hello Ladies! It’s Ronin Sherpa, your skulking fashion man ho! Woot woot!
    So…the question:
    “Should a woman who has muscular arms, show them (if she is on television)?”
    Answer: YES.
    Kelly Rippa did not always look like she does today. She has worked very hard to achieve those arms. I for one would buy a ticket to that “Gun Show” any day! She’s Kelly Rippa-ed! And NO Mrs. Tiffany, she does not look like a MAN!
    Now the other part: When I watch the video above, what I hear is Mrs. Guevara saying “I do not feel secure enough with myself to wear this dress.” Any woman can have arms like that if they choose to have them, and puts in the work to achieve them.
    Have a great day ladies!

    • Thx for commenting! Love hearing everyones opinions especially from the guys. On a personal note- on one of the first tv shows I hosted- I got lots of fan mail asking if I was a body builder because my Arms were muscular. Lots of my male viewers prefer a more feminine look! If you read my personal 2 cents on the blog post- I said that we should All do what males us happy! Agree- Kelly ripa gets kudos for her hard work but I do think she’s lookin too masculine. I love fit arms but with a sexy womanly look.

  2. Glad we’re discussing! But I wear it always in real life….just on camera…. I was concerned about it. I would love to have something gun-esque. Perhaps… pistols… someday. 🙂 I am going call her Kelly Ripped-a!

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