And The Years Go By… by Rocki Bolton

Hello Stunners!

This past August I had one of THE most fabulous birthdays ever!  It was full of surprises- like my parents and BFF flying in and my hubby proposing to me AGAIN and renewing our vows.   My parents didn’t get to witness to the first time around.   I WAS BLOWN AWAY!  The celebration lasted for four very special days and I was overwhelmed with love!

I wanted to share with you ladies one of the most special gifts I received- a beautiful, heartfelt poem my precious Mama wrote for me.  I trust you will be touched and inspired!

And The Years Go By…

What does a mother see as her new born baby girl is laid in her arms…HOPE.

Hope for a bright future.

Hope for dreams dreamt and fulfilled.

Hope for lessons learned to instill integrity and compassion.

And the years go by.

What does a mother see when she looks at her beautiful teen-aged daughter…INDEPENDENCE.

Independence to try life on her terms within her own boundaries.

Independence to make her own mistakes then learn and grow from them.

Independence to succeed at all things and keep a level head and clear conscience.

And the years go by.

What does a mother see when her first born daughter turns into a full-grown woman before her very eyes…STRENGTH.

Strength of character…integrity and compassion.

Strength from a life well fought and succeeded that develops empathy.

Strength of faith…faith in God, faith in husband and family and faith in good friends.

Strength to have faith in self.

And the years go by.

What does a mother envision for her daughter’s future….MORE.

More of the same but better.

More building of faith, integrity, compassion and empathy.

More passion and beauty of spirit, mind and body.

More dreams dreamt and fulfilled…MORE.

And the years go by.

© Aug 21, 2011 Rocki Bolton

We actually got her up and danced to Rhianna!

Everyday is Mother’s Day- not just in May!   I’m so grateful for her today!

Sharing the beauty, love, style + inspiration!

Now go call your Mother:-)



3 thoughts on “And The Years Go By… by Rocki Bolton

  1. Than you for posting that, Tiffany! So beautiful! What an amazing mother you have!Truly inspiring and heart warming as I sit here reading this while breastfeeding my 5 month old baby girl! Really hit a deep part of me! xoxo Krisinda

  2. i cannot tell you enough how wonderful it was to experience that weekend with you and your beautiful family. it’s not a surprise your mother is that compassionate and amazing. we reap what we sow;)

    all my love, heidi

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