Happy Sunday Eve Style Sista’s!

I will keep it short + sweet because I know everyone is busy preparing for the week ahead or maybe you’re kicked-back-cracker-jack on the couch watching your fave movie with your fave person! I sure hope so!

Just a reminder that this is the FINAL week for the FULL summer swag bag giveaways on FACEBOOK! Boohoo. We’ve had such a blast and I’m sad to see it wrapping up! We will continue with a few fantastic book giveaways through mid-August and I’ll be throwing in some small surprise goodies too. So make sure to join in on the fun convo’s and tell all your friends.


1. No matter what grouch crosses my path, I will walk in Grace + Peace.
2. I will drink plenty of water.
3. I will love my body by getting enough exercise.
5. My positive Polly will shut up my negative Nellie.
6. I will wear my invisible crown because I am a Queen!
7. I will try something new…new food, new route, new bold accessory.
8. I will honor the healthy boundaries I’ve set.
9. I will rock some bling or a fun color.
10. I will not leave the house w/o my best accessory everyday this week….my beautiful smile.

Go out there and own it this week!

Love, Tiff


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