NEVER GIVE UP! Sunday Eve Affirmations


Hello Gorgeous!

Here’s your weekly reminder to:

NEVER GIVE UP.  If you feel like you can’t go on and it’s as if you are running on fumes and about to putter out…..STOP, take a beat, yield, pause, take a deep breath, exhale…then dig a little deeper and muster up more strength! Girl, you’ve got reserves. You are stronger than you realize…SO KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON!
Set your mind for the joy, success and fun you will have in the coming week. I love the clean slate we are all given on Monday!  Here’s you affirmations for the week:


  1. Silently send love to a crazy driver instead of a curse word.
  2. Lay off excess sugars + starches.
  3. Rock a bold, stylish item over the same old, comfy one I always wear.
  4. Buy myself a bouquet of my fave fresh flowers.
  5. Be a giver instead of a taker.
  6. Not look at my cell phone or computer before I have a moment of peace in the A.M.
  7. Choose faith over fear.
  8. Listen to a friend who needs to vent + not give her my 2-cents. Unless she asks:-)
  9. Walk barefoot on the grass at least once.
  10. Eat a handful of almonds instead of a handful of chips.
  11. ____________________________ (write your own + share it)


Check in on the FACEBOOK PAGE during the week and say hello.

Comment + let us know what your #11 affirmation is.

I wish you a week full of girlie giggles, blue skies + bubble baths!

Xoxo, Tiff



4 thoughts on “NEVER GIVE UP! Sunday Eve Affirmations

  1. Hello Tiff. This is an amazing reminder. It gave me the mental boosit in needed this moday morning. It is great to finally see women encouraging women be their best, and supporting one another. Kudos!

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