Hey Gorgeous!

Do you have a question about ACCESSORIES…belts, scarves, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, scarves, etc and how to wear them?  Ask now or forever hold your peace!

We’re finally able to shoot a few new webisodes this week! (Yippeee! Forgive the delay- we’re swamped with my hubby’s music campaign right now)

Also, what are your BEAUTY DILEMMAS? The main issue I am constantly asked about is adult acne and I will touch on that for sure.


I will be on the road for about 6 weeks this Fall so I want to make sure I get you girls a good dose of SOS before I leave!   Don’t worry, we will be taping some fun videos from the road too.  Ask anything and I will do my best to answer your questions and head you in the right direction. Comment here on the blog or on the FACEBOOK PAGE.

Rock on,



6 thoughts on “GOT A QUESTION?

  1. As a teenager I delat with several skin issues related to acne. Things seemed to have calmed down with the birth of my son. Now that I entered my 30s guest who’s back. Mr. Acne. In force. I simply do not believe that a good skin regimen is sufficient. And I do not want to turn to Accutane as most women do, as it works only for a few years. Help!

  2. I am getting older (turned 47 last week) and noticed my skin getting theese tiny wrinkles and loosing its youthful glow with a few dark patches. Can you tell me what I can use to get it back in shape? ~~hugs~~ Kirsten

    • Hi Kirsten! First off, you’re not getting older- you’re getting better and we just need to tweak things along the way (wink;-) I have tried everything on the market and the product I have seen the most results in with women from early 30’s to 63(my mom) is the Skincerity. Have you seen my video on it? It is a miracle product. It’s a light mask you wear at night and it locks in the moisture and adds grapeseed oil and Vit E to you skin while you’re sleeping. The biggest reason for the fine lines and loss of elasticity is dehydrated skin and moisture loss. I do not endorse products or put my name behind them unless I truly believe in the results. I have a link on the right of the blog site. Click it and you can read more about it. If you purchase as a “Preferred Customer” you receive a significant discount. Cancel anytime. Also you need to add a serving of blueberries to your diet daily! Helps with collogen and the discoloration. Keep me posted!

  3. i really really need a rescue for fall fashion style for short/petite women, I m 22 and I ve just finished my colledge. Still, I do not know what to wear to make myself confident in my appearance. May you make a video or give me some tips to look well? Thanks.

    • Hi there! Have you seen my fall must haves webisode?? Congrats on finishing college. Now it’s time to switch gears out of the comfy school clothes and dress more stylish and polished. If you would like to hire me for online image consulting, please fill out the form on the “BOOK TIFFANY PAGE” for more personalized help. Otherwise, I recommend checking out all my style videos to get ideas on how to start honing your own personal style which will boost your confidence lots!

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