What are you claiming for your life? What are you asking for? Are you affirming it on a regular basis? If not, it’s time to start sista!

Repeat it. Own it. Affirm it. Claim it….

I am destined for success. I cannot be stopped!

Blessings shower down on me daily!

I believe in Divine appointments and I will be ready for them!

I see myself as a successful _________!!! (fill in the blank with your dream)

Every negative thought that enters my head- I immediately replace with a positive one!

Fear no longer paralyzes me because I work in Faith!

I clearly see the vision of where I want to be and it’s extraordinary!

I am prospering! I am whole! I am healthy! I am free!

My future will be spectacular!

I will leave the world a better place!

Failure is not an option. Quitting would be insane!  I will make it!


Print these affirmations and hang them in a spot that you can read them on a daily basis and watch your dreams manifest!  Share, comment, like and tweet the SOS love + affirmations!

With love + gratitude,



4 thoughts on “AFFIRM IT! CLAIM IT!

  1. Thank you Tiffany for all your helpful and encouraging words! You are such an inspiring and creative creature! It is so refreshing to be faced with someone who takes great personal interest in the practice of helping and inspiring others.

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