WooHoo!  What a gift….

I’m thrilled about this FREE EVENT Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love (my fave blog) is hosting and had to share it with you sisters!   This is the PERFECT way the end 2012 and release any old thought patterns, shift focus and set yourself up for success in 2013.  There will be 20 of the top thought leaders and empowerment coaches sharing their insight every night from Nov 12th-16th.  The panel includes my girlfriend, Ali Brown- the entrepreneur mentor, Marianne Williamson- author of the book I mention frequently, Illuminata, Kris Carr- my fave wellness guru and Gabby Bernstein- author of Spirit Junkie.

Yes, it is a commitment a few hours every night for 5 nights.  But, aren’t you and your future worth it?  When you sign up you will receive email reminders with the specific teacher being interviewed for that night.  At least try to make a few!  Let me know if you will be joining so we can discuss our “a-ha’s” afterward.

Sign up at


Keep Striving,




  1. Hey Tiff, how r u? Do u think any of them can help with anxiety? It definately sounds helpful, what do u think? Help me out here please!! Thanks:)

    • Thanks for your comment, yes- I believe several of these thought leaders will offer help with finding more balance and peace in your life! May of their philosophies have helped me tremendously! Also, I have a Panic attack + Anxiety specialist writing an article as a guest blogger. Stay tuned! Remember one of the biggest ways that helps me stay in peace is lots of prayer! I pray all through the day. I use to have really bad anxiety! I even gave myself ulcers. Prayer and focusing on peace will make you feel more powerful!

  2. The Daily love is my daily dose of inspiration. 🙂 I’m glad to hear you love Mastin and his site…
    I was searching your blog for some time today, and I resonate with all the things you are speaking and teaching, especially when it comes to the spiritual growth. Just wanted to send you some love girl and to wish you all the best! Stay glam & fab! 😉

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