A Little Love Note

Good Morning Gorgeous!

When I was a little girl, my mom did the most wonderful thing….about once a week she would put a sweet note in my lunch box or by the sink in the bathroom before I woke up.  She always wrote something encouraging and told me how much she loved me.  Right now, I can visualize her handwriting.   Those little love notes made such an impact on me.  Thanks Mama!  When I decided to start a blog, that was also my intention.   To make an impact through expressing love + encouragement and sharing ideas, tips + experiences. 

Here’s a little love for your day ahead…. 

You are full of potential, possibility, beauty,  light,  gifts + talents.  Own the fact that you are a gloriously gorgeous child of God.  (take a beat and really think about that)

As you step out your door today–with your shoulders back and head held high– realize you are full of power not weakness!   Shed that wimpy persona.  It’s not you girlfriend!


Go for it.  Don’t hold back. Rock on with your bad self!

I Love You,



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