DAILY THANKS {Sunday Affirmations}

Hi Style + Spirit Sistas!

Are you gearing up for some downtime with family + friends over the Thanksgiving Holiday?  (I know there are several of you who are from different parts of the world and not celebrating Thanksgiving so please bear with me here)  Anyone cooking the bird?  I’ve only done it once before and a bit nervous about attempting it again, but will give it my best shot.  I’m a pro at all the sides, as I should be, being a Southern gal and all.   I make a mean greenbean casserole:-) 

I love this time of year because everyone is getting in the holiday spirit and our attention is turned toward family and the important things in life.  Thanksgiving reminds us how fortunate we are and to give thanks for our blessings although my philosophy is we should live in a constant state of giving thanks, not just in November.  What is your level of gratitude + thanksgiving on a daily basis?   Do you find yourself complaining about what you don’t have more often than you give thanks for what you do have?  Living with an ‘attitude of gratitude’ truly leads to a peaceful, joyful and abundant life!   This is an attitude adjustment I have been working on for the past 10 years or so and still struggle with it from time-to-time! (Especially when I’m PMS’ing.  Ladies, who’s with me?  I can work myself into a hissy fit of complaining when it’s that time of the month! God help Aaron!) 

My intention is always great first thing in the morning and I whisper “thank you” right when my feet hit the ground.  I also have a serious morning prayer practice and make it a habit of thanking God for all the things I’m grateful for before I give Him a to-do list for the day! LOL.  Then, as the day goes on, with it’s trials and circumstances, we can fall down that slippery slope of griping, moaning and complaining if we’re not careful.  The important thing to remember is you get MORE of what you focus on.  If we focus and complain about the things we don’t have, it keeps us in a prison of lack which is of our own creation.   We all have the key!  A simple flip of your ‘mental switch’ can change everything.  The minute you catch yourself about to gripe about what you don’t have…[STOP] and immediately think of a moment that brought you tremendous happiness.  You will literally feel your energy shift in that moment.  Then start meditating on all the blessings in your life!  This unlocks the door for more blessings to shower down on you!  Ready to get drenched? 


  1. Gage my level of gratitude + thanksgiving daily.
  2. Shut myself up before allowing a complaint to slip out of my mouth.
  3. Allow myself to indulge w/o guilt on Thursday. (extra piece of pumpkin pie anyone?)
  4. Tell myself “thanks girl, you’re awesome!”
  5. Let go of any scarcity mindsets because there is always more than enough.
  6. Stop taking things for granted like my hot bath + all those shoes I never wear.
  7. Realize how fortunate I really am. (key part of the word= FORTUNE)
  8. Start a gratitude journal + watch the abundance begin to flow.
  9. Send a random “thank you for being my friend” text to a friend across the miles.
  10. Never  underestimate the power of those 2 little words, “thank you” even for the smallest of acts or favors.
  11. Do something for someone less fortunate. (It doesn’t have to be feeding the homeless. Perhaps a girlfriend is short on gas money this month. Have her meet you at the gas station on the corner and fill her car up!)

I want to thank YOU for allowing me to share my heart, thoughts + experiences on this blog.  It can be a bit scary and intimidating to put yourself out there on this type of platform, but I do so willingly (I am just a vessel) with the hope that one little thing I may say will help you, encourage you or inspire you.  We’re on this ‘growth journey’ together and I’m truly grateful for your love + support.





5 thoughts on “DAILY THANKS {Sunday Affirmations}

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    • Thanks Erin! Warmth of fam is def something to be thankful for. You’ve inspired me to make butternut squash tomorrow! Thanks girl

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