My Sistas,

I wanted to take a moment to wish you all a beautiful day surrounded by love with your friends and family today!  Thank you for the friendship, beauty, love, wisdom + grace you bring to this community.

If you’re cooking today, I wish you a calm and stress-free day.  I’m cooking for our extended LA family and my hubby’s band so GOTTA RUN!  I did get all the sides prepped last night so today should be easy breezy.

With Love + Gratitude,


P.S.  Remember starting Mon, Nov 26th we’re starting the giveaway fun on the Facebook Page!  Make sure to check in during the week and the first winner will be announced Fri, Nov 30th.  These stockings are overflowing with some killer stuff!  DON’T MISS IT!


2 thoughts on “THANK YOU!

  1. Hi Tif,

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    I am so sorry I did not get back to you with my Arbonne stocking stuffers and missed out on the promotion! I have been home in bed for over a week batteling a flu that turned into Bronchitis. I hope to join in next year!

    I am so very thankful for you, your beauty (inside and out), and all of the life-affirming wisdom, love, and fashion you share with us!

    Wishing you a beautiful, easy, breezy, day with you loved ones!!

    Best, Karen Arena

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