Happy Humpday Hotstuff,


I trust your week is going great.  Mine just got a whole lot better this morning.  I awoke to the most precious iPhone video from my BFF’s triplets.  Heidi knows the stress I’ve been under and she always knows EXACTLY how to lift my spirits!  Thank God for loving friends.  The video shows three beautiful 2 year olds in their jammies running around saying, “Good Morning Aunt TT”.  Let’s all collectively say, AWWWWW!  They are so adorable and always in total wonder and amazement of the cell phone.  Talk about feeling the love and warming my heart today.  This was such a gift and I am so grateful for this family. 

It was a simple reminder of how VERY important it is to stay in a state of wonder about life.  As adults, we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders and too easily become bitter, cynical and jaded.  Today, if the pressure of life and a massive stack of responsibilities has zapped your zest for life, try to be as present as possible, take a deep breathe and open your eyes to the fun, colorful, magical moments that are all around you.  Make this a daily practice and you will get your zest back and then some.  When we look through jaded eyes, we miss the best moments in life.



Of course, I can manage to incorporate a style tip into today’s inspiration… One way I have fun with fashion and keep the sense of wonder alive with my personal style is choosing funky pieces like platform sneakers, a leopard coat or painting my nails a fun color.  Last week, I wore a new pair of black skinny jeans with a hot pink tuxedo stripe down the leg and  felt spunky all day!  Don’t take fashion too seriously. Don’t take yourself too seriously for that matter.





Do you have a whimsical item that makes you feel spunky and fancy free? 

I always love hearing your thoughts.  Make a comment, like and share this post if it inspired you.

Celebrate the Wonder!

Love, Tiff


7 thoughts on “CHILDLIKE WONDER +Plus+ A Fun Style Tip

  1. Gosh Ur so inspiring, reading Ur stuff up n watching Ur vids, puts me in a better mood! I swear ! Bless Ur heart:)))
    Need to know , where is the leopard coat from ? Also the nail polish? Thanks sista:-)

    • Thank you for your comment and love! Believe or not that leopard coat is from Forever 21. It’s a few yrs old but they have cute ones there now that are similar. You can get OPI nail polish at lots of beauty supply stores and Ulta! Be Blessed xo

      • Thank you Tiff! I love that u bargain shop, n Ur not affraid to say it! Plus u look like a million bucks worth!

  2. I know its kind of obvious and maybe a little corny. It doesn’t make me feel spunky hut it ALWAYS lifts my spirits. My engagement ring. It reminds me that although he isn’t here with me all the time there’s someone ultra special out there who loves me unconditionally.

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