HEY YOU… Control Freak! Yes, I’m talking about me….

Hey Wonder Women!


I didn’t have much time to write so I put my thoughts in Vlog form today!  Watch this:

Thank you for being so awesome.

Love, Tiff



5 thoughts on “HEY YOU… Control Freak! Yes, I’m talking about me….

  1. I feel ya sister…it’s hard enough to surrender and let go but who are you letting manage all the stuff you are letting go? I was never willing to just release all my business to a great big nothihng. But when I hand my circumstances over to God, He will do a better job with them while I wait for a solution. Plus, I have a better chance of being happy and calm while I wait. That’s me,,,and I am a full-time job!

  2. I’m with you!! When things don;t go as expected that fear gets kicked in and then who knows what crazy way we will react. Good for you for acknowledging it within yourself and making a change!! Love the inspiration!!

    • Thank you for reading, commenting and supporting! You Rock! It’s funny- as spiritually aware as we try to be, there are times when the human nature takes over and in those moments I just have to rant + rave a bit. It’s getting fewer and farther between, but still..

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