GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD…and go help somebody! {Sunday Affirmations}

Hey Fab Friends,


I trust you are all having a terrific weekend!  I am in an especially great mood today because of a BIG miracle I got to witness this weekend.  The power of the human spirit never ceases to amaze me.  It’s a beautiful thing when people join together to help others.  It’s a total win-win because the receiver is helped and the giver is filled with joy.  A lesson I learned a long time ago is that the best natural anti-depressant is to get your mind off yourself and go help someone else.  It is a recipe for depression when we mull over our problems constantly and get a bad case of ME-itis.  In the coming week, let’s be aware of this and start practicing reaching out to help someone else when we find ourselves thinking “me, me, me” too much. 

Remember, if you need something…give it away!  Sounds backwards, but it’s a real principal.  If you feel lonely, go find someone who needs a friend.  If you need a smile, give one and so on.  I find if I catch myself thinking about my problems too much and start feeling blue I stop and send an encouraging text/email or write a ‘just thinking about you’ note to someone.  Otherwise, it’s just too easy to slide down that slippery slope of whining, complaining and feeling depressed.  NO THANK YOU!  There’s a million little ways to help others and many do not cost a thing.  We should keep our eyes open for people in need because they are everywhere!  Helping others is really the absolute best mood lifter and remember what you put out will come back to you 100 fold.


  1. Get my mind off myself.  Narcissism isn’t pretty!
  2. Open my eyes + heart to those in need.
  3. Be a giver, not a taker.
  4. Practice reaching out more.
  5. Send an encouraging note to a deserving friend.
  6. Give without expectation of praise or reward.
  7. Be of service to my family, the community and the world.
  8. Shift my focus from getting to giving.
  9. Smile at every stranger I pass.
  10. Leave others better than before I saw them
  11. Remember that I am blessed to be a blessing!


I appreciate all the comments and always do my best to respond to every single one! 

Wishing you all a fantastic week ahead. 

Walk Tall Sistas!

Love, Tiff



One thought on “GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD…and go help somebody! {Sunday Affirmations}

  1. I love this and have been so keyed into how amazing it feels when I am connected with others and doing something to give back. We as human beings truly are at our best when we are reaching out and building one another up. Another beautiful post!!

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