WALK YOUR TALK {Plus Sunday Affirmations + New Style Webisode}


Happy Sunday!

I trust you are having a beautiful weekend and have devoted some time to nurturing yourself.   There’s a saying I keep hearing lately and decided to explore it further on today’s post and that is “WALK YOUR TALK”, which basically means one  should not be different in their action and words.  We can also call it INTEGRITY.   Integrity is a concept of consistency of values, actions, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes.  I have been blessed by several women recently who are helping me with an important situation.  Daily, they exhibit true integrity and their actions actually speak louder than their words.  HOW REFRESHING!  Let’s take a look at the opposite or antithesis of integrity= Hypocrisy, which is inconsistency in one’s value system.  Other words that come to mind are shifty, mediocre, lazy, untrustworthy, and unreliable.  Those are definitely NOT descriptions any of us want to be labeled with.  I think we all encounter those who fall just a bit below the level of integrity that they are capable of and it can be disappointing, right?!   It could be as simple as not calling when they say the will.  Following through and keeping your word rate very high in my book!  What is your level of integrity?  Are there ways you could come up higher?  I’m sure we all can fall short at times, especially when we put too much on our plates or when life just seems to be a battle. 


  1. Keep my word.
  2. Follow through and stop procrastinating.
  3. Take a good look at myself and acknowledge any mediocre behaviors.
  4. Say nothing at all if I have nothing good to say. Keep my mouth shut!
  5. Be a consistent + reliable friend.
  6. Set a good example to everyone in my life.
  7. Take pride in being a woman of integrity.
  8. Forgive myself when I fall short and do better next time.
  9. Stop putting too much on my plate!
  10. Come up higher.

As always, I would love to hear your 2-cents on this topic!


Check out my new webisode on one of the hottest looks for Spring…..


Have a Successful Week!

Love, Tiff



2 thoughts on “WALK YOUR TALK {Plus Sunday Affirmations + New Style Webisode}

  1. I have a sleeveless cotton/lycra lace top that I always wear with just a black bra. The lace is dense, so it’s really not risqe… anyway I just LOVE IT! I love your blue lace dress in this video, especially… Keep up the GREAT work, Tiff! I love your posts and webisodes… Take care, Cheree’

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