LET GO ALREADY. GIVE IT UP! {Sunday Affirmations}



During my prayer and meditation yesterday, images came to mind of my former self.  It brought tears to my eyes to see how much God has transformed me.  I was one messed up chick and I still have a long way to go, but I can also acknowledge how far I’ve come!  Who relates?  This is one of the only times I believe it is healthy to look back in the past.  It builds our confidence to see how much we’ve grown and overcome.  When we embark on the path of growth and healing there are MANY things we  have to give up and let go of in order to allow the new and improved behaviors to emerge.  I truly believe this is an ongoing process until the day we die. (Who’s in for the long haul?)   There are attitudes and behaviors that seem to be like “safety mechanisms” we fall back on which really do not serve our highest good.  We outgrow them, but for some reason we tend to want to keep a hold of them.  WHY?  Because we are habitual beings?  We fear change?  Can you think of a few things you need to let go of today?  Why do we hold on to them for so long when giving them up will ultimately SET US FREE?!?! 

Over the past year or so, I have been focusing on my “love walk” and working on putting myself in the other person’s shoes.  I admit to being too prideful in the past and the letting go of the need to always be right or not being able to ask for help has gone hand-in-hand with my focus on love.  It’s nearly impossible to be a prideful person and at the same time be a person who walks in love with an open heart.  When I fully surrender….Wow, talk about freedom!  WOOHOO! CHA CHA CHA!   You know all those beautiful quotes we share on Pinterest that talk about soaring and flying?  Well, that’s what you will feel when you truly give up the things that no longer “fit” your new self.  About a thousand pounds are lifted from your shoulders and what you are left with is more peace and clarity than you ever thought possible!   So, for this week’s affirmations let’s all take a deep look within and first of all, acknowledge those things we’ve outgrown, but are still holding on to– then start working on releasing, giving them up and letting go.


  1. The fear of failing OR succeeding…yes, some people fear success!
  2. Doubting + second guessing myself.
  3. PRIDE!
  4. Not being able to ask for help.
  5. Gossiping.
  6. Comparing myself to my friends.
  7. Complaining.
  8. People pleasing!!!
  9. Toxic relationships.
  10. Beating myself up + become my biggest cheerleader.
  11. Allowing people to overstep boundaries.

Those are just a few things that I think we all battle with at times, but what are a few specific things you know you need to let go of? 

Are you brave enough to share and comment? 

Sometimes vocalizing these things helps set you on the course!  Try it!

Do you have a friend who needs help in this area?

Share, tweet, pin + like this post.  Thank you!

Cheers to Freedom!

Love, Tiff


To all my Irish Sistas…….


It’s the perfect day to rock my emerald green scarf!


3 thoughts on “LET GO ALREADY. GIVE IT UP! {Sunday Affirmations}

  1. Oh WOW! I find that about every two weeks I have to put a lock down on the old ways, old habits, old thinking. You are right it’s a long haul, everyday commitment to keep moving forward. And when we do look back do so with the intention of marking progress. Great way to start the week Tiff!

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