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A few months ago,  I noticed my hands are looking…to put it bluntly….OLD!   Grrrrrr, what the heck happened?  I do admit I have been super lazy with wearing rubber gloves when I do dishes, but I always wear them when I clean.  I grew up watching my mom apply hand cream religiously and because she NEVER got in the sun, her hands are still beautiful in her 60’s.  Ok, so I also have to admit I have been lazy when it comes to applying hand cream.  Double Grrrrr!  The two places that show a woman’s real age are on her hands and decolletage.  The skin on the back of the hands is very thin so it is effected by everything from hot water, chemicals in cleaners and sun exposure.  We are able to combat the signs of aging on our faces with botox, fillers, lotions and potions, but what about our hands?  I am getting serious about taking care of my hands, so if you want to join me here’s…


  1. SPF:  Muy Importante!!! After applying SPF to your face, dab a bit on the back of your hands as well.  Please use an SPF 30 for optimal protection.  The next time you get in the car notice how your hands are exposed to the sun while they are on the steering wheel.  Days and days then years and years of driving with exposed hands will cause premature aging and hyperpigmentation.
  2. MINIMIZE DARK SPOTS/ LIVER SPOTS:  I recently mentioned how to naturally reduce hyperpigmentation/freckling on the face and the same rules apply to the hands.  If you use a Vitamin C rich face serum, start rubbing it into the back of the hands or use lemon juice to lighten existing spots.
  3. EXFOLIATE WEEKLY:  I keep it simple with a DIY scrub (shown above) of olive oil, sea salt and lemon juice.  It’s like a triple punch!  The olive oil moisturizes, the sea salt exfoliates dead skin and the lemon juice brightens the skin and nails.  You can add lavender or eucalyptus essential oils to make it more decadent and spa-like.
  4. APPLY HAND CREAM NIGHTLY:  Our bodies rejuvenate while we sleep, so apply a moisture rich hand cream every night.  Set the bottle on your nightstand so you never forget. (note to self!!)  Look for hand creams with alpha hydroxy, retinols, lactic acid and hyaluronic acid.  You can also take it a step further and wear those thin white spa gloves to bed to lock in the moisture.
  5. HOT OIL TREATMENT OR PARAFFIN WAX:  Heat a 1/2 cup of olive oil to lukewarm and soak hands for 5 minutes for a quick fix.  Rinse with water only and pat dry.  Use a drop of olive oil or coconut oil on the cuticles during the day as well.  If you have more time (like during a movie) wrap your oil covered hands with plastic, then put socks over the plastic.  Your hands will feel like a baby’s bottom!  Vaseline can also be used, but I prefer the healthy nutrients in the olive oil.  If your nail salon provides paraffin treatments, I highly recommend getting one on a regular basis or you can invest in a home machine for under $40 or so.

If you are in your 20’s, please please please start doing these tips NOW!  I wish I had started sooner, but better late than never. 

Take care of yourselves ladies!

Love, Tiff



  1. I love your tips..!!! so simple to follow am a clean freak my hands r looking old..!!:( thanks for all ur tips…!!! (Q) where can I purchase the spa gloves that work..!!! Thanks from Houston..!!!

    • I have found gloves at CVS, Walmart, and beauty supply and dollar stores. Any 100% cotton gloves will work.
      Also, cotton sox. They won’t give you that spa feeling, but they work.

    • Hey fellow Houstonian ( I grew up there:-)- Any of those white spa gloves will work because it’s best to apply your own hand cream before putting them on. I know several of those gloves claim to have moisturizers in the actual glove, but I don’t trust that!

  2. Hi Tiffany , I used to be flight attendant and one of the tricks all the girls used to do is exfoliate the hands at the end of each service with granulated sugar and lemons it was like magic especially our hands were always dry, I will definitely add olive oil next time …you know what instead of the spa gloves what I do now, while doing dishes I put Vaseline or african raw Shea butter in my hands put the rubber gloves on ran the warm water as it helps the cream penetrate my hands better when am done my hands are soft like butter …..thank you sooo much for all the tips you rock !!!!! God bless you.

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