FABULOUS FRIDAY {A lil beauty, style + inspiration}




BEAUTY: I am in love with e.l.f. products and recently picked up this fabulous tinted lip balm with SPF 15Only $3.00 and it’s super moisturizing with a touch of color plus it protects your smackers from harmful rays.  For a lipgloss/lipbalm/lipstick addict, it’s perfect for casual days when you are heading to the gym, the pool or just hanging at home.  Target has the biggest selection of e.l.f products!


red triangle stone bib necklace

STYLE: One of my fave “go to” items is a chic black blazer, but it can become boring when you wear it on a regular basis.  The quickest ways to transform and add life to any boring outfit is to add a colorful statement necklace.  I’m obsessed with this turquoise bib necklace I picked up on my trip to Africa a few years ago.  A colorful geometric necklace is also super hot this Spring/Summer.


INSPIRATION: Toward the end of a long hike yesterday, I came across these wooden stairs.  My legs were totally fatigued, but I had to climb these stairs to get to my car.  Grrrrrrr- I just stood there panting and annoyed that I had to tackle these after I already made the long journey.  Funny, this is such a profound symbolism for our life’s journey, isn’t it?!  I had to snap a pic as a reminder.   Of course, I sucked it up and climbed this short- but challenging- flight of stairs and made it to the finish line, my car and A/C.  Just when you think you can’t go on any longer, remember you are stronger than you “feel” so keep climbing, keep going and never give up no matter what hurdles, mountains, valleys, potholes or staircases you encounter along the journey.  Dig deeper and you will reach the finish line with hands waving in the air and breeze in your hair.


Love, Tiff


3 thoughts on “FABULOUS FRIDAY {A lil beauty, style + inspiration}

  1. While I can’t comment on the great make-up deals….your stair story affects me. See,we are in the place where every day it gets a wee bit harder for Lori to walk. As she is growing weaker,I find myself growing stronger as I’m now lifting her to stand up and guiding her up the stairs(which is ending very soon). She worries she weighs too much but when you are put in a position like this,it doesn’t matter…you just DO. And I get my reward when she smiles at me and she resting comfortable. Thought I would share that with my sisters here on S.O.S.

    • Michael,
      While I don’t know your story, that is very inspiring to hear. You sound like a remarkable person and that gives me hope in a world where I seem to be hearing more and more negative all the time.
      YOU are in my thoughts today!

      Christy, your style sista

    • This brought tears to my eyes.. YOU ARE A TRUE HERO and I so appreciate you sharing this with us! Yes smiles are great rewards arent they.. I have a big one on my face right now for you dear sos brother! God Bless You!

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