What do you INTEND to do? {Sunday Affirmations}

Happy Sunday Sweet Friends!


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Are you wondering what it means to set an intention?  I believe it’s basically making up your mind what you want.  Yes, it sounds simple, but like I mentioned in a post last week– it’s powerful when we get clear, get focused and make up our minds.  Then, the real power is in the follow through.  I also believe we are setting intentions when we pray and share with God what we want a desired outcome to be.  Let’s look at intentions without follow through.  How often do we say things like…Oh, I intended to call youOh, it was my intention to lose 5 lbs before summer…I’m sorry I hurt your feelings it was not my intent??  It feels pretty crappy, right?  Let’s get to following through, shall we?  My hubby and I have had a somewhat challenging few months so I made up my mind that no matter what– May was going to be amazing!

I see the word intention as a fancy name for GOAL– but, with an added oomph of Spiritual Power behind it.  Without intentions for our life, we tend to wander.  If you feel like you have lost direction and are wandering through life, here are 5 steps to setting intentions.  It’s very important to put your Faith behind it and trust God for guidance.

  1. DECIDE.  What do you want the outcome to be?  It’s as simple as that.  Making the decision is a huge first step!
  2. WRITE IT OUT.  Make it official by writing your intentions in your journal or putting up sticky notes in places you can see them on a regular basis.  I have sticky notes on the sides of my computer monitor, bathroom mirror and fridge.  This is a powerful daily reminder to keep your thoughts going in the right direction.
  3. SHARE.  Find a trusting friend/mentor or group to hold your intentions with you.  By sharing your desired outcome with others, you create a “mastermind” of positive thoughts.  One of my favorite books is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  His definition of a mastermind is– “Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”  Make sure to share with those of a like-minded spirit and steer clear of anyone who may try to sabotage your goals or be unsupportive.  I’m grateful for my Spiritual women’s group.  We are like a power team of cheerleaders who not only encourage one another, but we also call each other out when the fear and whining takes over… we do so with unconditional love, of course.
  4. LIVE IT.  Act as if your outcome is here NOW!  Speak as if it’s here.  Your words and actions have a powerful effect so be mindful of what you are doing, thinking and saying.  Get committed!
  5. NEVER GIVE UP.  Period.

I know what you are thinking right now– Hey Tiff,  so what’s the difference between affirmations and intentions?  They are marriage partners, first cousins, Batman + Robin!  Affirmations are basically spoken intentions.  They are the daily statements we declare over our lives based on our intentions.  They help you course correct when you tend to wander.  Affirmations and intentions are the power combo to creating the life of your dreams!  Add in specific actions, prayer and a vision board then WATCH OUT– you are destined for success!


  1. Really think about what I want.
  2. Make up my mind already.
  3. Stick to my decision.
  4. Set intentions.
  5. Share my intentions with a trusting friend.
  6. Join or create a mastermind group.
  7. Act as if my goals/intentions are here now.
  8. Say my life affirmations daily.
  9. Write them out and hang them in plain sight.
  10. Pray.
  11. Claim I am destined for… and deserve the life of my dreams!

What are your thoughts on this? I would love to hear.

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Join me.

Love, Tiff

P.S. Happy Cinco de Mayo!  I love Mexico and it holds a very special place in my heart.  If you are celebrating today- have fun, be safe, don’t drink and drive!


2 thoughts on “What do you INTEND to do? {Sunday Affirmations}

  1. Great Post Tiff!! Intentions and Affirmations are ways to keep our spirit strong as we set the course for our journey. Love this!

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