FASHION FRIDAY {and a lil inspiration}


Who is excited about seeing the styles in GATSBY?  Ok, yes– I know you are probably even more excited to see the handsome Leo D!   Are you all OD’ing on it by now and the movie hasn’t even come out yet?  Everywhere you look there’s Gatsby this and Gatsby that and oh yes, I’m going to talk about it too.  I LOVE ART DECO!  I fell in love with it on my first trip to NYC many moons ago.  It’s blurry, but I think it was the architecture inside Empire State Building that did it!

empirestate_artdeco_lights empirestate_logo

The art deco style is both feminine and masculine with the bold, hard lines mixed with the lux ornamentation of pearls and bling.  Even though it was made famous 90 years ago, we are seeing it everywhere with a fresh, modern twist.  Of course, head-to-toe is a bit much and I know it’s not for everyone so just add a splash with a few strands of long pearls, a headscarf, a headband with a feather or rhinestone accent, earrings or simply a bracelet.  




Wishing you all a beautiful weekend whether you are a Mama and planned to be pampered by your kids or you are a grown kid who plans to pamper your Mama… have a blessed weekend!   I know it may be a difficult day for those of you who have lost your Mom or perhaps you are estranged from you Mother.  I wish you peace that passes understanding this weekend.  

I shared the following quote on the Facebook Page and had to share it with you sistas here too…always a good reminder!


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Love, Tiff


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2 thoughts on “FASHION FRIDAY {and a lil inspiration}

  1. Can NOT wait for Gatsby!! I’m re-reading the book as we speak so when I see it this weekend I can be in full Daisy mode. My engagement ring is Art Deco style and I became fascinated by the look after a trip 15 years ago to The Biltmore in Arizona. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for all the glamorous Hollywood and presidential elite and is such a special place to go. Have you seen it?

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