Hey Style Sistas!

WOOHOO!  It’s officially Summer and as the temps continue to heat up, here’s a few tips for staying cool and looking fabulous, plus some inspiration for the week ahead:



Regardless of your hair length, it can get so sticky and uncomfortable, plus the humidity can have you looking like a wet mop during summer.  There are so many ways to keep it off your neck without reverting to the boring old ponytail.  This summer, the Retro 50’s look is everywhere from swimsuits, rolled up jeans, cat eye shades and headscarfs–which you all know is MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!   Channel your inner Old Hollywood actress like Sophia Loren or Audrey Hepburn and play around with scarves.  Check out my Pinterest Board on headscarves for more ideas and inspiration.



Keep a bottle of aromatherapy hydrating spray nearby at all times during the hot months.  I even keep a small travel size bottle in my purse!  When you’re skin is feeling parched, spritz it on your face, neck, decolletage and down your arms.  My favorite is the Rose Water by Heritage Products.  There are also easy DIY recipes by adding your favorite essential oils, pure aloe vera juice, cucumber or lemon to distilled water. 





Whew, the month of May whizzed by!  Did you set any specific intentions for the month?  If so, please share any magical moments! 

Let us be grateful for the good times May brought, any special memories made with new or old friends, exciting experiences and opportunities then begin to set your intentions for June.

Walk Tall +  Strut Yo’ Stuff Sista!

Love, Tiff


This post was brought to you by Indo Salon.  Indo specializes in Cuts, Styles, Haircolor, Highlights, Great Length Extensions, Hair Lingerie, Japanese Thermal Straightening, Brazillian Blowout and Eyebrow Tinting.




  1. How do you come up with your intentions/affirmations and when do you sit down to do it? There’s always so much wizzing around in my head I can never think of specific things I want to work on.

    • Hi Cassandra! If you have lots of thoughts consuming your mind.. that is exactly why this is so important to do. I use to have constant chatter in my head which can leave us exhausted, confused and emotionally drained. I sit quietly by myself first thing in the morning with my coffee. Close my eyes and take a few deep breaths. You have to be in a place where there are no distractions! Focus on an area of your life that you may want to change or grow in… then set an intention for that area. That’s how I come up with intentions. Here’s an example.. Maybe it’s losing weight + getting to the gym regularly. “My intention is to get to the gym 4 times every week and do cardio plus take 2 yoga classes. I intend to eat organic foods and cut out sugars and processed foods”… is that making sense? I also write them down which helps make them more real. Hope that helps get you started!

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