Hey Wonder Woman!

Last week I watched the episode of Super Soul Sunday with Maya Angelou online.  Have you seen it?  I think Part 2 is still posted so try to catch it.  Her story of courage, triumph, bravery and success has been resonating with me all week.  In this Oprah interview, Maya spoke of the concept of courage being the foundation of all other virtues (above quote) so it forced me to look inward at my own level of courage.  Often throughout my life, I have been courageous and brave, but there are also many times I have tucked my tail between my legs and chose to shrink back.  We all have a certain level of courage, but what is that special ingredient that gives us that little bit extra tenacity to tap into our inner Wonder Woman and push forward instead of shrinking back?  Can you think of a time right now when you consciously chose to dig deeper and dust off your red + gold bustier?  It’s a great exercise to reflect on those moments as a reminder for the next time we are tempted to be a coward instead of courageous.  

Courage is the ability to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation.

I takes courage to walk down the aisle and make the vow. It takes courage to wake up everyday and raise your child.  It takes courage to follow your dreams.  It takes courage to walk away from a toxic relationship.  It takes courage to speak your truth. It takes courage not to conform.  It takes courage to let go of your past. So, yes– I definitely believe in Ms. Angelou’s concept that it takes courage to practice all the other virtues consistently.  Cheers to all of us having more consistent courage this week.  Even if you have to fake-it-till-ya-make it.  You can be courageous even when you don’t feel like.  I love John Wayne’s quote, “Courage is being scared and saddling up anyway”. Go lock yourself in the bathroom and do the Wonder Woman spin if it will help….


  1. Reflect on my many courageous moments.
  2. Dig deeper when I feel my wimpy self taking over.
  3. Not shrink back.
  4. Dust off my imaginary red + gold bustier.
  5. Remember God is always on my side.
  6. Be brave!
  7. Never ever ever ever give up.
  8. Not allow anyone to intimidate me.
  9. Face my fears head on.
  10. Pray to have more courage.
  11. Do the right thing.
  12. Put my shoulders back + WALK TALL!



Are you excited to see what new experiences and opportunities June will bring?  Let’s all join this month and focus on being more courageous than we’ve ever been.

I would love to hear your comments and two-cents on this topic.

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With much love + gratitude,




5 thoughts on “CONSISTENTLY COURAGEOUS {Sunday Affirmations}

  1. I absolutely love this!! Thank you for the reminder of just how courageous I am. There are so many things we do in life that take courage and we don’t even realize it!!! When we are reminded of how courageous we are, we can build upon it and grow. Great post!!

  2. Great Post, Tiff! I have been courageous many times in my life, and am realizing it by reading your post… I CAN and WILL continue my courageousness through out the rest of my life; because I AM ABLE, I AM WORTH IT; and I AM PERSISTENT!

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