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This past weekend I had the privilege of being part of one of the most spectacular weekends EVER!  The Gerard Butler GALS and the Rising Phoenix Charitable Foundation’s Annual Fundraising Gala in Las Vegas.  This event raises money for the Angels of East  Africa (the orphanage we visited in Sudan a few years ago) and The Shade Tree which shelters women, children and their pets.  Last year, my husband and his band performed at the event and I was invited to join as a guest speaker this year.  Our connection came via our friend Sam Childers aka The Machinegun Preacher whom actor Gerard Butler portrayed in the movie.   I knew this was going to be a great weekend, but– WHOA BABY, it blew my headscarf right off my head and far exceeded my expectations.  

I want to thank ALL the wonderful women of GB Gals and RPCF for inviting me and I look forward to making a difference alongside you ladies for years to come! 

I instantly felt part of the amazing sisterhood these women have created and was greeted with so many warm hugs.  They call themselves “boobie squishers”.  I joined right in on the boobie squishing and fell in love with these women.  On Friday, I led an SOS workshop on Compassion/Connection/Confidence + Courage and soon found out that this encouraging group and the connection it has provided rescued many of the women from various circumstances in their lives.  We laughed, we cried and I am grateful for their transparency and open hearts.  A few weeks ago, I wrote about “connection” here on the blog and witnessed it’s affects right in front of my eyes over the course of the 72 hour love fest. SO BEAUTIFUL! These women are genuine instruments of love and compassion.  

I have so many new sistas for life! 

GALS_workshop{SOS Workshop}

On Saturday, we all visited The Shade Tree where several of the GALS did volunteer work and fed lunch.  Sam’s wife, Lynn, spoke to the women and shared her personal testimony and my husband and bandmate Irwin Thomas sang for the women and their children.  We also got a tour of the entire facility by the beautiful soul, Marlene Richter– Executive Director of TST. To end our visit, we got to hold and show love to a few of the pets over in Noah’s House, the animal shelter.  TST is filled with so much love, hope and opportunity for healing.  I encourage you to take a deeper look and visit their site.  They are always in need of everything from donations, clothing, toiletries, diapers, toys, bedding and pet food.  Please go to this link for a detailed list of urgent needs: http://www.theshadetree.org/UrgentNeeds.html

photo-44{Visiting The Shade Tree w/ Lynn Childers + Marlene Richter, Ex. Director}

photo-41{GB Gal Melissa adding a bit of color + happiness to TST sleeping areas}

A visual that left a deep impression on my heart was seeing just a small bag or two underneath the bunkbeds.  This is all these women own. Talk about putting things into crystal clear perspective!  TST accommodates women and their children for emergency care when they need a safe place for a night or two as well as providing transitional shelter programs for up to 2 years.  The women receive assistance with finding employment and helping them move forward in becoming self-sufficient. 


Noah’s Animal House is a pet sanctuary for shelter residents which allow women to escape abusive situations without leaving behind their pet. In homes where there is violence, pets are often threatened or injured by the violent partner. It is not uncommon for an abuser to continue to control the relationship using the family pet. Noah’s is the first full service facility of its kind located on the grounds of the women’s shelter in the western region of the United States.

photo-48{My hubby + his bandmate, Irwin singing for the kids at TST}

photo-42{A few of my fab new friends, Kristine aka KB who is an SOS Sista + Sweet Giny}

photo-49{Chris Mann, finalist from The Voice performed at the gala}

photo-46{AHP performing at the gala}

Do you have your own pillow to lay your head on tonight in a comfy bed with clean sheets?  If so, consider yourself richly blessed sista! There are so many women out there without a bed to call their own. They are forced to flee their home because of abuse with only the shirt on their back. Can you imagine fitting everything you own under a 4×6 bunkbed? My heart is so full of love, gratitude and compassion. For the week ahead, let our focus be to appreciate everything in our lives, give gratitude (even for clean sheets) and open our hearts more than ever to those in need. WE ARE ALL SO BLESSED.

This experience is a gift I will cherish forever!  If what I shared tugged at your heartstrings, I encourage you to reach out to TST, Angels of East Africa or find a shelter in your area that could use your help.

Please share this post and help me spread awareness. Thank you. 

Love, Tiff


14 thoughts on “A 72 HOUR LOVE FEST

  1. Thank you SO much for your incredible workshop. I know the women who came have been empowered by the words you spoke and by your beautiful contenance.

    Aaron and his wonderful band mates have stolen my heart and always give their everything to each performance. It was absolutely amazing!

    Lastly, Tiffany, you and Aaron (and his wonderful band mates) have been such a blessing to all of us! My life has been enriched because you are my friends. I LOVE YOU!!!

    • Dayna- I am overwhelmed at what an AWESOME event you have grown this to be! All of you ladies are total gems and my love tank is overflowing. Such a gift! YOU ROCK SISTA! Much love and appreciation for all you do!

  2. Tiffany, you are remarkable! Thank you for your support and for lifting us up this weekend. I have been enjoying and learning from your posts and am so very happy that I finally got to meet you in person! Love ya girlfriend! Sara

    • MY SWEET SARA! I’m so thrilled to finally meet you in person too. You are a bright light and I”m grateful you are part of the SOS sisterhood! I look forward to making many memories with you and the Gals! Big hug and much love!

  3. Tiffany,
    Kudos to Aaron and yourself for supporting such a worthy cause. Raising awareness of domestic violence is always a good thing. And glad there is a group that thinks of the entire family,even the four legged ones who have no voice.
    Like Sara said,you are truly remarkable!

  4. Sistas for life, indeed. It was such an honor to meet you, Tiffany. My heart is still so full from your talk on Friday. I am anxious to pass your wise words onto my daughter. Thank you so much for sharing from your own heart that day. Our visit to The Shade Tree had a profound effect on me and I’m so grateful to be able to play a small part helping out such a tremendous organization. My best wishes to Aaron and his super talented band. I smile every moment their music is playing in my car (and in my head too.) It was an honor as well to have Sam and his family with us. What an amazing man he is. The connections we all made and renewed have filled my heart with joy and I feel truly blessed.

  5. Darling Jill- I still see your beautiful face so clearly in my mind and I will always treasure the heartfelt exchanges we shared over the weekend! Your daughter is so blessed to have a caring mama like you! Aaron was in the room when I read your post and shared your kind words about him and the band:-) Put a big smile on his face today! He cherishes you gals! AMEN- we are all so blessed!

  6. How quickly we can become sistas (or SiStars) with amazing women who come into our lives. I am so very glad you have come into mine and look forward to getting to know you and SOS much better in the days ahead. Though we didn’t talk one-on-one in Las Vegas I know we will soon. Please tell Aaron that his music truly touches my soul. And tell Irwin that he gives the best squeezes ever!!

    • Sweet Susan- I am so grateful for you SiStar and thrilled you are also now part of the SOS sisterhood! We are blessed ladies to have been Divinely connected to so many remarkable women. I look forward to sharing + growing together. Of course, I will pass along your encouraging words to the guys! God Bless xo

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