Hi Fab Friends!

Swimsuit season is officially here! Did anyone cringe having to get into a swimsuit for the 4th? Well, we can stay covered up in our sarong OR we can get our butts outside for a run/powerwalk OR to the gym OR do a workout video from the comfort of our living room. I love my sarongs and will always wear them because it’s classier to cover up a bit then to let it all hang out. But, with that being said– I believe we should set the necessary fitness goals so we can walk around the pool confidently, no matter what.

A few days ago, I tried a new workout spot called Pop Physique.  (Thanks Julianna. I can barely walk today!) It’s very similar to Bar Method and Pure Barre. They have locations throughout Cali and are opening new locations all over the US. I had to share it with you because these moves will tighten and tone those jiggly areas super fast giving you more confidence to drop that sarong sista. If you want that long, lean look instead of bulky muscles, this workout is for you! I had to get up the nerve to go into the full hour class so I tried this 10 minute video at home a few times first. Check it out and get ready to feel the burn…


Here’s a few other effective workout videos I like.  This arm workout by Tracy Anderson is unlike anything I have EVER done before. It looks easy, but whoa mama- the burn starts immediately!


I love these Tone It Up girls!  Their videos are fun and you feel like you’ve escaped to the beach. This ab workout is fantastic!


As always, I love sharing things I find helpful. Let me hear your thoughts!

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Enjoy the long weekend sistas.

Love, Tiff


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