tiff_rayne{At Willow Tree Women’s Circle with Fellow Style Expert + Fashion Maven, Rayne}


Happy Sunday Sistas!

I trust you all had a wonderful weekend and are taking some quality “ME” time to prepare for a fab week ahead.  I had such a fantastic week filled with several beautiful experiences and witnessing women lifting one another up and fanning each other’s flames. You know that is what SOS is all about! This morning, I was thinking back on the week and realized the common thread weaving through each event I attended and the clients I worked with– was women were COOPERATING instead of competing! It’s remarkable when strong, confident women operate from a state of cooperation  and collaboration instead of competition. As I get older and work with more and more women, I realize those who feel the need to compete are just insecure and unsure of their gifts and talents. I know I say it often, but it’s the truth– women are truly powerful beings all on their own, but when they unite….it changes the world! All of the women I collaborated with last week work in the same industry as I do. Many women would shy away from helping someone in their industry because they would view it as competition.  When we realize that what we have to offer the world, complete with our unique abilities, personality and talents– then competition is nonexistent. I give mad props to personal stylist- Rayne Hagstrom, life coach- Kim Somers Egelsee and TV Host- Patricia Kara for operating from a higher level and helping other women to come up higher as well. You ladies inspire me!

The definition of compete: Strive to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others who are trying to do the same. Synonyms: contest, race, rivalry.  NO THANK YOU!

The definition of cooperate: Act jointly; work toward the same end. Assist someone or comply with their requests.  Synonyms: Collaborate, pull together. YES!!

Tiff_trish_AliveT{Fellow TV Host, Blogger + Webseries Creator, Patricia Kara}
There is an uncomfortable feeling and tension when you are in the presence of a woman who operates from a place of competition.  Sometimes you aren’t quite sure why you feel uneasy, but you just have this urgency to get the heck away from her fast!  Then on the flip side, when you are in the presence of a nurturing powerful woman who operates from a place of cooperation… you feel plain ol’ good in her presence and your spirit is lifted.  The other beautiful thing about encouraging others and helping their dreams come to pass is that God sees your heart and He will ensure your dreams will come to pass.  HOLLA!
As we go into the new week, may we all be conscious of this principle and whoa baby— watch your flame grow brighter and your dreams come true!


  1. Seek out people to encourage.
  2. Operate from a place of cooperation.
  3. Appreciate my unique gifts + talents.
  4. Realize there is no competition when I am being authentic.
  5. Compliment a stranger.
  6. Walk in love no matter what.
  7. Be a world changer by starting in my own backyard.
  8. Not dummy down and dim my light.
  9. Walk my talk.
  10. Stay in peace because it’s a place of power.
  11. Help others dreams to come true!

As always, I love hearing your thoughts.

Share, comment, etc!

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Fly High,




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