PEACEFUL IS POWERFUL {Sunday Affirmations}


Happy Sunday Sistas!

Do you notice how so many things seem to go wrong when you are frazzled? It begins with burning yourself with the curling iron which makes you run late for work. Then, to add to the time crunch, you’re running around the house like a banshee looking for your keys. You speed out of the driveway and get ticked at every driver you pass who may actually be going the speed limit, but to you- it’s like they are trying to personally sabotage your day. You enter your place of work with an intense anxiety that has built up like Mt. St. Helens. WATCH OUT! Whoever crosses your path may get a dose of your hot lava! Your frenetic energy creates tension wherever you go. Your lack of peace is like a repellent and people steer clear of you. Your power is gone. 


Do you hit the snooze button several times then barely have time to put on your makeup? What’s better… that extra 15 minutes of sleep or getting up on time and starting your day in peace and walking out of the house confidently? Do you look at your phone or check emails first thing in the morning? You know how that goes… you get an email from your drama queen co-worker which throws you into a tailspin before you even have your first cup of coffee. Are you allowing your kid’s cranky morning mood to set the tone for your day? Perhaps- all of the above? Sista- this is no way to live!


I lived my life in a continuous tailspin for years and got a bad case of ulcers from it. When you aren’t at peace, there is this constant rumbling in your spirit as if the dormant volcano is about to come to life at any moment. WHO FEELS ME? I made poor decisions when I was frazzled. I used the wrong tone of voice with people…which is SO not pretty. Being frazzled is not being FABULOUS. I gave my peace away…I gave my POWER away…and allowed others to control my emotional state. NO MORE!

It took years of reprogramming and changing my ways. From starting the day in prayer/journaling, giving myself plenty of time to get dressed and not allowing other’s emotions to trip me up- I can handle the day from a place of power instead of a place of anxiety, stress and turmoil. Of course, there are days that peace seems impossible to find and the banschee comes out in me and yep, I usually blame it on PMS…don’t you? (wink)


  1. Recover from my addiction to the snooze button.
  2. Give gratitude for the day as soon as one eye opens in the AM.
  3. Be FAB not frazzled.
  4. Cherish myself with a moment of quiet before checking the phone.
  5. Not allow others to steal my peace…not even my kids!
  6. Stop the internal volcano by dousing it with a big helping of tranquility.
  7. Give myself plenty of time to get dressed.
  8. Say ba-bye to my banshee.
  9. Free myself from the control of others. It’s my choice! 
  10. Surrender + remember God is in control.
  11. Handle everything that comes my way because I am POWERFUL!


Did this resonate with you? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Cheers to a peaceful + powerful week!

Love, Tiff


4 thoughts on “PEACEFUL IS POWERFUL {Sunday Affirmations}

  1. Your words are right on target, Tiffany. If I allow myself some quiet, get-myself-ready-for-the-day withOUT the electronic distractions (texts, emails, facebook, etc) my morning is much calmer and smoother. I can catch up with that stuff later in the day. It can all wait. Hugs to you!

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