CLOSET CLEAN UP: 4 Ways To Prep For Fall


As Fall approaches, it’s a great idea to take a weekend to prep your clothes, boots, accessories and coats for Fall.  The temps are already dropping up North so make sure that sweater or jacket is clean, wrinkle-free and ready to rock! I’ve taken the past few weekends to start this process.


1) CLEAR THE CLUTTER + SAVE SPACE for bulkier winter items. Change out any thick plastic or wooden hangers with the thin ones. As you go through this process, it gives you the opportunity to look at each item in your closet and ask yourself, “does this need to stay, go to a friend or be donated?”. For your pants/skirts, I prefer the hangers with rubber coated clamps that can be hung stacked to save space. Look for the type with the small metal hook in the center for hanging another hanger on. This allows you to stack or hang individually.



2) PRESERVE YOUR BOOTS by dusting them off and getting them shined. Make sure to stuff them to keep their shape! Do you allow your boots to crumple over? NO MAM. You can purchase plastic boot shapers at TJ Maxx for about $8 a pair. For a boot lover like me who has several pair– that would be an expensive investment. I use old magazines to stuff my boots. Yes, with the price of mags these days it would run close to $8 for 2, but I look at it as recycling instead! 


3) FRESHEN UP SWEATERS + SCARVES by throwing them in the dryer on low heat tumble for just a few minutes with a dryer sheet. This gets out any wrinkles or musty smells from being stored all summer. 




4) AIR OUT COATS and dry clean them if you didn’t last winter. At the end of winter, I take all my coats to be dry cleaned before storing them. This way they are ready to go for that first chilly day. It’s easy to forget about your coats because we are so sick of wearing them by the end of winter. But, with the rain or snow they protected you from and the inner lining that gets sweaty (yes, yuck!) — our coats are pretty nasty by the end of winter. Do not store your beautiful coats covered with grime during all those spring and summer months! 


Of course, living in LA- our winters are nothing like the REAL winters you sista’s up North experience (we rarely see 50 degrees- don’t hate!) so if any of you have a great tip for preserving and cleaning winter items.. PLEASE SHARE! 

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Wishing you all a FAB weekend!



P.S. How was your level of peace this week? Did you keep your peace or allow people or situations to steal it? I would love to hear! 


2 thoughts on “CLOSET CLEAN UP: 4 Ways To Prep For Fall

  1. Rolled newspaper also works for tall boots. Or rolled towels. Up in Buffalo we need sweaters to last (and Im allergic to wool!) so we always prep undershirts with our fall closet overhaul. Trouser socks and tights need refreshing and restocking. Slippers for cold nights at home – no more barefooting it! Also, we wear boots every day, the functional, not so attractive sort. So work bags get larger to pack appropriate shoes to change into.

    The whole house gets a fall makeover too. Throw blankets, flannel sheets, the fireplace gets cleaned and serviced, and the white wine phases out to make room for reds in the rack. Heavier window treatments to hold heat in at night. I pull out the healthy crock pot recipes for football season too. I start to cook healthy reheatable things like soup, vegetarian chili etc on Sundays and pack the leftovers for lunches.

    Can you tell fall is my favorite season???

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