Hello Fabulous Friends!

When I created SOS, part of the concept was to help busy women keep their wardrobe’s current, fresh and fabulous. Most women do not have the luxury to kick back with their fave fashion mags in order to keep up with the latest styles. Instead, you can click on one of my videos and in about 5-10 minutes you have a few tips and ideas on what is hot and what’s not!

Last week, I flipped through several of the latest Fall magazines for you. I have some great news… ALL of the styles from last Fall are still hot! You know what I’m going to say right? SHOP YOUR CLOSET BEFORE HITTING THE STORES! So there’s no need to shoot an entirely new Fall Must Haves video. Simply watch last year’s!  But, there are a handful of cool accessories and essentials you need to know about so I will be getting back in the SOS studio with a brand-spankin-new video soon highlighting a few things I can’t live without right now. My hubby-and cameraman- is arriving THIS MORNING (happy dance) after an extended trip to Africa and I will be putting him to work..after my birthday celebration!

Yep, today is my day of birth (like how I slipped that in there- heehee) and I give thanks today for my amazing Mama for bringing me into the world. Our Moms should be celebrated on our birthdays. They are the ones who deserve the cake!  Another year of love, laughter and learning under my belt and I’m excited what the coming year has to bring. I thank ALL OF YOU for joining me on this journey! This community + mission to help women is my life’s work and I am grateful for each and every one of you. Ok, back to Fashion… 



So, you’re updated on how to dress up your outside.. let’s discuss dressing up your inside and getting ready Spiritually for the new season. Many of you have been rushing around getting the kids ready for back-to-school and probably feel spread thin and a bit CRAY CRAY. Am I right? While my hubby was away, I created a Spiritual Retreat in the house and really pampered myself. We had a wirlwind schedule before he left and I had overextended myself (why do we girls do that?) so I’m grateful to have had some time to get grounded again. 


With the kids back in school and the sports, music lessons, etc.. keeping you running here and there– I highly recommend taking some time to plug in, tune out and refuel so you feel grounded and strong for Fall and all the activities that come with it. Here are just a few things that helped me get back to feeling that both feet were firmly planted and my head was reattached. I know most of you may not have the luxury of an entire day or weekend of this, but if you can find that amount of time- DO IT! One of my girlfriends, who has toddlers, takes a “STAYCATION” every few months and books a hotel in her city for the weekend. Highly recommend it!

These are all simple things, but add them together and it can change everything:

Find a quiet spot and light a candle. Do not bring your iPad, laptop or phone into this space! Play tranquil zen music. (I created a channel like this on Pandora) Sit quietly and breathe deep. Scan your body and find any tension. Stretch that area or lightly massage it. My sore spot is always my neck. Begin giving gratitude. Gratitude for everything you can think of. I talk to God in this moment and thank Him for all the blessings in my life. You will begin to feel an elated sense of joy. You can write a gratitude list in your journal if that’s the method you like. There is no rhyme or reason to this time and it is yours to create. Whatever works for you! I am just giving you an idea of what sets the tone for me. MAKE IT YOURS! Set intentions and an action plan for the Fall. What do you want to change? Try? Revamp? I chose to eat very clean foods, no meat and gave up things like wine and comfort foods during this time. Your physical body and your spirit function beautifully together under these conditions. I think we forget that! 

Add in things like a Spiritually enriching book and walking in nature or a long nap. Give your body and your spirit what it needs!  Do not neglect YOU! After the busyness of Summer and going right into a busy Fall..


Love, Tiff



  1. What a wonderful post, thanks for reminding us all to take care of ourselves, it makes us better prepared to take care of everyone & everything else!

    As an Interior Designer, I’m a big fan of having an Alter of Peace in the home. A place that has a focal point that brings your blood pressure down just by focusing on it. Fireplaces (in winter – especially up North), an aquarium, a very pretty candle arrangement with photos of your most treasured people or places. Momentos of what grounds you to focus on, all help. I practice yoga so sitting on the floor, legs crossed, hands resting on thighs is a natural focus position for me, but everyone has a preference. I actually do this every morning and evening if I can remember to, I sit in my Peaceful Place, focus on my Momentos, and first think about my breathing to help clear my mind. I follow that with thank you’s (in my head, but out loud works too!) for all of my blessings in life.

    The chaos of any day can drain us and push us far away from calm and thankfulness. Focusing first thing and last thing on that inner peace & gratitude each day has totally changed how I respond to stress in between. It puts the little annoyances in perspective and increases patience.

    Who couldn’t use more of that??

  2. Happy birthday to one of the most influential women I know. I love you in this life and beyond!- Your SISTA from another MISTA;).

  3. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Tiffany 🙂 Many thanks for another great post. Look forward to the Fall video. ( ready for next year 🙂 )

  4. I just Love Love Love YOU! Happy Birthday. Thank you very much for your You Tube Videos. I Live for them. I’ve revamped my messy clothes, updated my wardrobe, and created a look book. So, glad I’ve followed your advice. It’s made a big difference in my life. I Feel Comfortale and Confident in my clothes and most importantly in my Self. Tiff, I appreciate your work. Keep it comin Sista!

    Peace & Blessings


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