BE FAB FRIDAY! It’s All About The F’s {New Webisode}



I know what you are all thinking…“It’s about time Tiff!”  All good things come to those who wait.. patiently! LOL.  Trust me, I have missed making videos as much as you have missed seeing them. BUT, it’s been for good reason! Not only has my husband (cameraman) been traveling and crazy busy working on his own amazing projects, I have been focused on becoming a long-distant surrogate mama to a remarkable young woman, plus I’ve been working more with private clients. It’s been an art to keeping it all running smoothly and not to get spread too thin. I’ve been taking my own advice and taking regular “me” time!  That being said, the hard work is paying off and my SOS webseries (my baby) has officially become a toddler and TURNED 3 this month! {{{HAPPY DANCE}}} 

I feel like rambling so bear with me…

I’ve been reminiscing about this journey and wanted to encourage any of you who have the dream of starting a business out of a passion. Perhaps you have a message and want to share your voice with the world on a blog, but you are afraid. PLEASE start today! Whatever your passion or message is.. someone in the world needs it and we are all here to help the world in some way or another. Trust me, I was shakin’ in my wedge sandals when I posted my first rinky dink blog. It was about my fave mascara, Voluminous by Loreal. I crack up when I think of it now because I had soooooo much more in my spirit to share than just makeup tips. I still have much more to share! Look how fast 3 years has gone by. Don’t wait another day. I made a business plan, wrote a mission statement and just DID IT! Have I wanted to quit? A million times. What fuels me is YOU…..and the many women all over the world who may need a simple style tip or something deeper that reconnects them to Spirit. All of it is extremely important to me. Have I made mistakes? Heck yea! Ya dust yourself off and keep on keepin’ on. What is inside you that needs to be birthed? Every day that goes by, think of all the people missing out on your gifts.

Ok, back to FASHION! In the latest webisode, I share a handful of styles I think we can all incorporate into our Fall wardrobe without breaking the budget. Check it out:



Here’s a list of the items in the webisode. For under $200, I added these fresh new items from places like H & M, Forever 21,  Nordstrom Rack, Marshall’s + TJ Maxx. All other items are from my closet:

  1. Faux Leather Peplum Top, Forever 21
  2. Emerald Green Skinny Jeans, H & M
  3. Grey Zip Up Sweatshirt w/ faux leather shoulders, TJ Maxx
  4. Grey Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Marshall’s
  5. Olive Green Sweater w/ cutout Shoulders, Forever 21
  6. Chic Camo Jacket, Forever 21
  7. Rich & Skinny Torn Jeans, Nordstrom Rack
  8. Black Embellished Jeans, H & M

Stay tuned for my Fave Fall Accessories webisode! 

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Have A Fab Friday!

Love, Tiff


2 thoughts on “BE FAB FRIDAY! It’s All About The F’s {New Webisode}

  1. Hi Tiffany:

    I am so happy I found you online. I am at a beautiful wedding for my boyfriends son and beautiful bride at the Grand Del Mar in San Diego. I had only 5 days notice (I know, awkward but another story for another day) to figure out what I was going to wear to the rehearsal, the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. Luckily I have been reviewing your post and after six hours of shopping and referring to your tips through out the day, I put together several looks that are fabulous (if I do day so myself!). Anyway, it’s so important to be comfortable in your clothes because it can be so empowering and bring one to a place of confidence and then you feel like you can take on anything. At 53 I finally felt like my old self again except I’m not a 0 any more but a 2 or 4 (hysterectomies and menopause are challenging). I felt I dressed with a level of class and sophistication that was also current and age appropriate. Thank you for everything you produce and your honest and uplifting approach to cheering on the sisterhood!! You’re so inspiring and you have given me a new found confidence after a tough transition, for me anyway, both physical and emotional. Cheers to you and keep up the great work. I’m truly grateful for all your efforts.

    Kindest regards,


    • {{{HAPPY DANCE}}} I got tears in my eyes reading this message! Rock on Tracy! This is exactly WHY I am on this mission. I am so proud of you for making the effort and taking the step toward NEW FOUND CONFIDENCE! Cheers to you sista!

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