BE FAB FRIDAY: A Must Share Testimonial

Happy Friday Fierce Friends,

This is a beautiful message I had to share with you all from one of our sistas in Australia! When I receive messages like this, it always reaffirms that regardless of where we live, our age or profession- women face the same battle of “losing or giving up on themselves”. Sista, if this is you today, please make yourself a priority and be inspired by this story: 

I just wanted to send you a note to say THANK YOU!  We have never met but I feel as if you have given me some of the best advice I have had in years. For the last 10 years, I have been battling illness to which took over my body, my mind, my dreams and my sense of self. I did not realize how much it had taken from me until I was standing in a fitting room unable to pull on a size 20 jeans, size 20!! I was lost and didn’t know what to do.

It was a rainy day, I came home crawled onto the couch with my packet of chocolate biscuits and started watching YouTube. I came across your channel by accident and was hooked. I watched episode after episode. You were different to the other girls, not out there to show off your designer bags, makeup and labels or how to put on eye shadow a 100 different ways. You had substance! You teach women how to love ourselves, respect our bodies and be the best we can be. Thank you!

I am a wedding photographer who had a very successful business however it was failing badly and I couldn’t work out why. I was looking at my competition and could not figure out why they were getting the work over myself. I was well priced, qualified and producing the highest quality. Then, I watched your closest organization episode. It hit me like a brick when you said our wardrobes should be a creative space, a place of expression. I looked at my clothing and I cringe as I tell you this, I was wearing a cardigan that was coming away at the collar, wide legged mid wash jeans and black flats. I was no longer coloring or styling my hair and had given up on wearing makeup. It was in that moment I realized I had given up on myself and if this is how I present myself to the world why would I expect a couple to trust me creatively with the most important photos of their life. It was me telling clients not to invest in me by the way I was presenting myself without even knowing.

I went to my wardrobe and pulled everything onto the bed. Piece by piece I worked out what made me the best version of me and got rid of everything else. I made my health a priority and gave my body the right food. I am now loosing the weight and have a new confidence in myself and slowly but surely I am finding the real me again. My relationships have improved particularly with my husband and I find that people treat me with more respect and kindness because I value myself. Again thank you, keep up the great work, you are making a wonderful difference to people’s lives without even knowing.

With love,

Miss Never Looking Back




4 thoughts on “BE FAB FRIDAY: A Must Share Testimonial

  1. Awesome story!! Way to go, Tiff! Let your light shine for all the world to see! I am proud of you! You are empowering women to be respectful of themselves and love themselves. So inspiring!

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