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Happy Monday. I trust you all had a wonderful weekend and many of you will be off of work today to celebrate Veteran’s Day. God Bless all the heroes and sheroes who have so courageously served our country.

Over the past few weeks, the following topic has been on my heart and I wanted to share it here with you. If you are tuned into Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday’s or have your nose in the latest self-development books, you know the topic of Ego is everywhere. Allowing the ego to rule is an epidemic that, we as a society, try to protect ourselves with it. Is is really protection? No, it’s not. The Ego robs you of the beauty, love, grace, joy and connection we all long for. We can view the EGO as Edging God Out. When we edge God out, we are edging LOVE out. I wore so many masks for years and would throw a wall up in a New York minute if my Ego felt threatened. This was misery! Life is lackluster and in black & white, it’s cold and unfulfilling when you allow the Ego to run things.

When we shift from Ego to Love, our world changes. It becomes joy-filled, vibrant, exciting, colorful and whole.

Look beyond…open your eyes. This week see beyond a person’s mask, walls, hard heart and the superficial facade they guard themselves with. Allow your  HEART  to see their HEART.. instead of your Ego greeting their Ego. Beyond everyone’s Ego is a Child of God longing to BE SEEN for who they really are.

  • Do you protect yourself with a mask?
  • Are you afraid to let others SEE you, but you secretly long for them to?
  • Do you judge others for their superficial exterior or can you see their authenticity beyond the “act”?
  • Can you see someone’s heart even though it may be covered with scars, a lock & chain and layers of pain?

I challenge us all to really SEE the purity and greatness in others and in turn, others will be free to see the greatness in us. Lose the term “take it for face value” and look deeper. You will be blessed for it!

Love, Tiff


4 thoughts on “MONDAY MOTIVATION: Looking Beyond

  1. This is a very timely post for me. I have a many year struggle with a family member who disrespects my marriage, and it reared its head again yesterday. I have tried to address it directly and politely in the past, one on one, let her know how her actions make me feel, but it hasn’t sunk in. I have tried to be closer with her, let her get to know me hoping she would be more sensitive, but it hasn’t helped.

    I can step back and realize she is very insecure in herself and her relationship with my husband, and putting our relationship down makes her feel more powerful. It still hurts, but it helps me to put the raw feelings aside and try to figure out the most respectful way to deal with it. NO clue what that is, but just that slight shift in perspective helps to keep the blood pressure down! I am past the point of wasting my time on trying to fix it, and I know I didn’t break it.

    I hope you have a blessed day, Tiff.

  2. You are so right Tiffany. I also think that Ego’s makes people selfish to themselves and others. They don’t see what lies in front of them. They take things for granted. It’s ashame because they have the potential to be a beautitul person if they would just let it go!!! Thank you for your thoughts and grateful to be apart of this enlightment. Have an abundance day!!

  3. I couldn’t agree more with this. You are so right Tiffany. Ego’s blind side many people to see what they have in front of them and take many things for granted. I have been watching Supper Soul Sundays and they’ve been such an inspiration to watch. I’m just starting this new journey of life changing and its scary at times becuase you don’t know how long or when it will sink in. I just feel the greatness that there are so many people out there that want the same thing I want…..Peace with themselves. I’m earling to let go of my ego litlte by little. Thank you!!!

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