Wishing you all a fabulous weekend. Here’s a quick message from my messy closet… 

Reminder, if you are interested in working with me privately- I will be taking new clients again in January and offering complimentary 15 minute consultations via skype.


Check the SERVICES PAGE for more info! 

Yeehaw, we are Texas bound!

Love, Tiff 


7 thoughts on “SOS IS TEXAS BOUND! {Candid Vlog}

  1. Hi always looking gorgeous …I wish u success and happiness in whatever you are doing because you deserve the best , you know it is funny when I knew that you are moving to Texas cos we are too , we live in Orange County CA and we are doing some research about the woodlands in huston … So I completely understand what you are feeling right now , am scared but Change is always good right !!! How are the people there??? And is there a lot of Mosquitos and fire ants as I heard???? Thank you Tiffany for everything …..wish you happiness , luck and prosperity …god bless you

  2. Good luck Tiff!
    I’m in the process of moving myself…. to a smaller apartment a few miles down the road. I feel ya! I’m simplifying a bit and using all of your advice as I go though my closet. Thank you so much for all you do here on SOS, looking forward to the New Year posts. God Bless!

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