Happy February Fab Friends!


Over the past week, I have been in an abyss of computer-geekness gathering website design elements to have my new site built! My personal site has been neglected for the past few years and as an entrepreneur with a purpose, it is uncalled-for to have an outdated website. Shame on me! Your presence on the world wide web is vital for the success of your brand and company. Any of you who have had a site built for your business will agree with me… can I get an amen?! One of most daunting tasks, especially when you are building a business from your passion, is to have your bio written. This is the story of YOU, your experience and mission for all to read on the vast www. I humbly share this with you sistas so you understand my mission a bit better…

        From the trailer park to Beverly Hills and now back to Texas, Tiffany Hendra teaches women from all walks of life How to Style their Life.  As creator of the webseries Sanctuary Of Style, Tiffany has empowered women around the world to live their most fabulous lives from her private mentoring clients to an online community of over 20,000 women. Tiffany is a Wife, TV Host, Beauty & Style Expert and Lifestyle Mentor to women of all ages.  In addition to those titles, she can also be considered an “inspirationista” who is on a mission to guide women toward living their most fabulous,  healthy, Spiritually-conscious life. Her vision is for women all over the world to overcome their past circumstances and stand confident in their power. Tiffany believes confident women are World Changers!

Where does her passion and calling come from?

She knows many women are walking out the door each day with low self esteem, frustrated with their life. . . “I was one of those women”, says Tiffany.  She lived like this for years despite her successful career which took her around the world. On the surface, Tiffany appeared to have it all and learned the art of wearing a mask, but inside she was slowing dying. After enduring trials through her teen years ranging from sexual abuse to racial bullying, Tiffany lived many years in a shame-based existence. She became self-destructive, numbed herself with drugs and made poor choices from a place of fear instead of power.  After hitting bottom, Tiffany walked away from a successful career in Hollywood and embarked on a year of soul searching – the beginning of a long journey that would transform her mess into her message.

She never thought she was a life coach type…

As Tiffany began to heal from her past, she knew in every fiber of her being that she had to help other struggling women- especially young women- to live healthier and more stylish lives. She immersed herself with studying, learning, volunteering and even teaching everything she could about beauty, health, Spirituality, confidence, style and image. Her first opportunity was instructing a self-development class in Burbank, CA for teen girls ages 13-17. She went on to take skincare courses and became a consultant for Arbonne International teaching women how to change their lives through entrepreneurship. Part time, Tiffany was a sales associate and clothing buyer for a woman’s boutique on the popular 3rd Street in Los Angeles. She assisted her clients in revamping their wardrobe and image. Ironically, at the same time, she was revamping her own personal style. “When I was at my most depressed, this once Fashionista could barely put together a decent outfit herself and usually wore a pair of ugly brown cargo pants with tanks tops…and and I’m not a cargo girl”, Tiffany says. She realized her lifestyle was way out of balance and as she continued reconnecting to her Spirit the more her creativity opened up- even in the closet. During her growth, Tiffany sought out other Spiritually-conscious women and started a Spiritual group and prayer circle in her home for fashion and entertainment industry professionals. All of these experiences added up to be a great training ground for Tiffany.  Now, she is able to continue working on camera and at the same time, be of service to women around the world. “Sometimes when we’re running from our past, we run smack into our purpose”, says Tiffany. She found her calling.. or her calling found her.

Tiffany is extremely effective with teen girls and the various issues they face in their generation. She has mentored girls with depression, eating disorders, sexual and physical abuse, cutting, terminal diseases, suicidal tendencies and unplanned pregnancy.

Tiffany resides in Dallas, Tx with her Australian singer-songwriter husband of 10 years, Aaron Hendra, and their long-haired chihuahua, Zoe. Considering their marriage her biggest accomplishment, Tiffany uses this personal experience to help newlywed clients who are struggling, as she did, with the role of new wife. Aaron and Tiffany share a passion for helping others. They work closely with Sam Childers aka The Machine Gun Preacher and his efforts to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned children in Africa.


I am grateful that God has turned my HOT MESS into my message.

I am grateful you have joined me on this journey.

I am grateful for my past and the lessons it taught me.

I am grateful for my purpose and for what’s to come.

Love, Tiff





  1. Tiffany, I admired you because I know there is always people out there that cares for children that has been orphaned. My self was one of those children but in another country Mexico and I was sent to a Nun Orphaned place far away from my family and until now that I am a grown woman, mother, and wife stills has some impact on me emotionally. Remember that you are leaving a impact on those children that you touch with a smile they will always remember you, like I remember the people that touch my life in a way when I was a child and I’m thankful for their gift.

    • Wish I could reach through the computer and give you a hug! Thank you for sharing your story with me. My prayer is for all those children to go on as you have to become healthy adults and build their own families. Blessings

  2. Tiff, wow, I had no idea about your troubled past. I found you on YouTube a few months ago and thought “Cool, another perfectly put together beautiful woman offering me tips on how to dress. Nothing she’s wearing would ever look good on me.” But knowing your story and that you come from a similar struggle as me, it gives me hope for the future. My passion is helping teenage girls as well and although I’m currently in a community that doesn’t have any programs in place and am working in a job completely unrelated to the life coaching field, I hope that one day I can make a difference like you have!

    • I’m so glad me sharing my story gave you hope! That’s my whole mission. Continue with your passion to help teens. Our youth needs SO much guidance! Maybe you could start your own program some day. Be blessed!

  3. Beautiful post Tiffany. Takes a lot of courage to share your personal story like that. I deeply admire what you are doing. And sharing as you do, you will probably never truly know the ripple effects it is having on the world. I’m from Australia and I love reading your posts and viewing your you tube posts. Apart from being inspired by your spiritual message I’ve also taken on board your tips on how to dress and look my best and I’m 51 on Friday. God bless and keep on keeping on! Jane

  4. yay at last i get your blog…this is the first one, i thought i signed up but i must have not done it corectly the fist time? I find you very inspiring, and you are a very uplifting person, a beautiful soul.I especially enjoy your style videos and have learnt from them, now i can read your blogs too! The work you are doing with teenage girls is priceless, and i can see why you are so effective. How wonderful, this is such a crucial age to turn a life around, as a young teen i was also exposed to harmful situations like yourself, which then led to me making harmful choices . Thank you for your commitment to bringing some fun, happiness, support and substance to our lives . As women, we are asked to be and do so much, and its a wild and rudderless sea for many. All blessings, you are a special one xx – Melisa

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