DRY SKIN AND HAIR? Feels Like Winter’s In The Air! By Guest Blogger Gwen Lewis

Whether you’re enduring a blizzard or just dealing with a moderate drop in temperatures, the winter months can turn your beauty routine into a game of survival. Dry indoor heating and cold blustery days zap the life out of skin and hair, leaving you vulnerable to the effects of exposure and moisture loss.

So what’s your best defense against chapped lips, straw hair, and a parched complexion? Try these strategies and win your beauty battle over the cold weather.

Timing is Everything

Winter_hatglovesImage Courtesy of Shutterstock

Moisturizing your skin is essential all year round. But during the winter, you’ll want to maximize the power of your favorite lotion or cream by applying it right after a bath or shower to lock in moisture.

A hot bath might sound tempting when there are icicles hanging from the awning, but The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) says it’s better to keep the water lukewarm to warm. The AAD site also recommends limiting baths and showers to once a day to preserve the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Defend Your Tresses

shutterstock_80602708Image Courtesy of Shutterstock

In addition to a weekly deep conditioning treatment or mask, there are many leave-in treatments that may be used any time your hair needs a boost of lustrous sheen. Apply a few drops of L’Oréal Mythic Oil Nourishing Oil to dry split ends for instant smoothness and frizz control. It can also be added to styling products. The secret is in the avocado and grapeseed oils, which nourish hair without weighing it down.

Lip Savers

Because your lips are made up of such thin, delicate layers of skin, they’re extremely vulnerable to drying out. Take it from the experts at WebMD. You should resist the urge to lick your lips, because that makes them even more prone to getting chapped. Coat them with balm instead. Choose one that contains petrolatum, castor seed oil, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, or squalane.

For super soft lips with healthy shine and a hint of color, treat yourself to The Kiss, a new limited edition delight from Lush. In a pinch, you can also use a dab of Vaseline to protect and heal your pucker.

Get Glowing Again

When it comes to skin care, natural oils are the new Holy Grail. Jojoba oil works wonders on nails and cuticles. Extra virgin coconut oil is a beauty super ingredient ready to rescue rough calloused feet that have spent too much time trapped in wool socks and boots.

 glowing_skinImage Courtesy of Shutterstock

For an all-around winter solution, try Aveda Beautifying Composition, a multi-tasking conditioning oil for skin, hair, and scalp. It combines the soothing benefits of olive, safflower, and organic soy oils with balancing lavender, rosemary and bergamot.

Don’t Forget the SPF

Beach weather may seem light years away, but even in the coldest temps, the sun still shines. Your coat and hat may keep you warm, but they won’t protect your face from the sun’s rays. Be sure to use an SPF to protect your skin from the effects of UV radiation.

When the mercury falls, it may seem like you’re not spending much time outside. That isn’t necessarily true. A walk to your car or to the bus stop puts your skin at risk. Many facial moisturizers, like Origins
Plantscription™ SPF 25 Anti-Aging Cream, deliver treatment benefits along with the UV protection.

Don’t let the winter weather dry out your skin and hair, be sure to take extra precautions to keep that glow all year round.


Gwen Lewis is a freelance writer who lives in California. She currently writes for Fair & Flawless as well as other beauty and skincare sites. In her free time she loves to be outdoors and travel to new places.



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