PART 2: Healthy Snacks & Lunches for Women on the Go {New Webisode}


Hello Gorgeous! 

I like to call the way I eat….GRAZING. I snack on something about every two hours and this has helped keep my metabolism and energy high. If you skip meals, which causes you to feel foggy and even a bit depressed- STOP TODAY and start nibbling on something healthy. In Part 1 of this series, I gave you the rundown of how I start my day. In the second webisode, I give you a few of my go-to snack and lunch options. 

This is not a diet plan. These are only recommendations and if you have a substantial amount of weight to lose- please consult your doctor. I am only sharing the foods and eating schedule that works for me and am not a dietician. 

I love to switch out high fat crackers and chips for gluten-free rice crackers!


Check out Amy’s Natural & Organic Foods! No additives, no preservatives, no GMOs. If a child can’t pronounce it, you won’t find it on an Amy’s label. 


I would love to hear some of your favorite healthy snacks and lunches! 

Remember, what you put in your body effects so many things not just your waistline. Your mood, memory, elasticity of your skin, organ function and much more so please take care of yourself and choose foods wisely.

Love, Tiff


5 thoughts on “PART 2: Healthy Snacks & Lunches for Women on the Go {New Webisode}

  1. Hi Tiff
    You truly inspire me but I was almost a little shocked about you snacks that you are eating. Have of it is not homemade (salsa, soupe, lasagen!!) and we all know how unhealty that is. I would never ever consider eating stuff like that even if I have only litte time.
    Greetings from Switzerland

    • Thanks for your comment, but I encourage you to research the Amy’s Natural & Organic products I discussed. They are healthy and nutritious! I respect if you have the time to make everything homemade, but most busy “women on the go” do not so these are great healthy alternatives!

  2. Hi Tiffany,
    Thank you for your video. As you stated this is what you do and it may not be for everyone which I agree. With respects to Sandra’s comment above, I believe you can’t be !00% healthy with everything you eat! Haven’t you heard “everything in moderation.” If 90% of the time she is eating homemade items then what harm is it to eat items that are in can’s and that are frozen? Trust me even the healthiest people can develop an illness or sickness. You need some bad stuff to help you build up the immune system to fight back. Too many people decide in there older age to stop smoking or to become head on Vegan and most of the time those people end up sick and possibly die because they have shocked their body system when it was use to something else for such a long time. I’m sorry but you can’t do that to yourself either. A graduated change and small portion of keeping what you use to do is much healthier then the extreme!

    Thank you for sharing.Tiffanny!
    Love ya

    • Thanks Gwen! As I commented to Sandra, the Amy’s Natural & Organic products are nutritious.. GMO and preservative free! As the webisode is titled, these are options for busy women on the go and who has time to make EVERYTHING homemade. I love homade soup and make a big pot often, but some weeks there is just NOT enough time!

      Love you and appreciate you being part of the Sisterhood xoxo

      • It was never my intention to accuse anyone, I just thought for healthy eating tips prepared lasagna or canned food is not the best. And when it comes to busy women: I work 100% means 42 hours a week, I have no children but I have a sick cat at home I work out everyday, and we cook every evening a healthy meal…. And yes I agree this takes a lot of time and that’s why you don’t see me at glamorous parties …. Each to their own. My husband is American and I know that European and American eating styles are different and I’m not saying one is better than the other.
        Tiffany you are a fantastic lady thank you for all the inspiration you give me!

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