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I’m excited to introduce you all to a beautiful young woman named Jessica Youngblood. When we decided to move to Texas, I started praying to be led to either a teen girl crisis center or youth outreach I could get involved with once I got settled there. On the very first visit to my bestie’s church called Shoreline DallasBAM, I met Jess. She was a greeter that day and passing out postcard invitations to the their women’s meeting appropriately called Sisterhood. I giggled to Jess about referring to my women’s community as a “sisterhood”. This tickles me so much…I love meeting Divine connections and kindred spirits! The first thing she asked me was if I was into fashion. HOLLA! This opened the door for us to chat & share our passions. She told me her powerful testimony of overcoming meth addiction and how she started her ministry called Just Fab~U~lous Events. She uses her creative fashion sense, her love for God and experience in the beauty industry along with her testimony to transform the lives of young girls. She keeps it real and walks her talk…and that’s with a very cute Southern accent!  Such a perfect fit with my passion and I have committed to helping Jess get the word out about Just Fab~U~lous and reach more girls! God answered my prayer. 

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What is Just Fab~U~Lous About?

“It’s about the “U” It’s not about what others think. It’s about U! While attending a Just Fab~U~lous Event you will learn to be the best U you can be through creativity, confidence and character!

Get creative with what you have been given. Learn how to do your hair and makeup in a way that embraces U. Learn to dress hot, not hoochy!

Stop trying to be something you’re not. Stop trying to be some version of “perfect” you think you should be and learn how to be THE PERFECT that God made you to be!  

Your confidence will come when you believe God made you just the way He wanted to.

When you believe that, a peace like no other will come over you.

Once you have that down and want to begin to live life to the fullest, you have to get your character in check! In the middle of the word Character is act, so get to act-n-right. Line up with our owners manual for this life… the BIBLE!”

~Jessica Youngblood


Get to know Jess better…


If you are in the greater DFW area and know any girls ages 10-20 who need help with confidence & character building and/or emotional healing, please invite her to the MARCH 22nd event at The Hope Center in Plano, Tx. I am excited to emcee the fashion show and share tips for “What To Wear When”. Hope to see you there! 


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