5 Must-Try Swim Trends for 2014 By Guest Blogger Susan Bodack

We are finally progressing into Spring and every day brings us closer to warmer temperatures and sunnier skies. So, if you haven’t started stocking up on some new swimwear, it’s time to get cracking! Hopefully you’ve already got a fabulous Spring trip planned, but even if you don’t think you’ll hit the beach until the 4th of July, it’s never too early to start thinking swim. Get ready to hit the beach in style with these top 5 must-try trends for the 2014 season:

 Sanctuary of Style - Tequila Y Sal flutter top bikini by Luli Fama1) Flutter Tops: The flutter top trend is the perfect way to feminize your look while subliminally emphasizing the bust line. Many designers are adding flowy, fluttery detailing to the front of tops which look equally gorgeous blowing in the breeze or draped along your torso while you’re chilling on a chaise lounge. Whether you choose a fun print, crisp white or pretty pastel, this trend will make your heart flutter.


Sanctuary of Style - Arrows fringe bikini by L Space

2) Fringe AccentsAlthough this trend was huge last season, funky fringe accents are back with a vengeance for 2014. In addition to adding movement and playfulness to a swimsuit, fringe also lends some boho-chic flair. Plus longer-cut fringes can add a bit of camouflage as well as distraction from certain “problem areas” like the torso and upper inner thighs.


Sanctuary of Style - Secrets crochet bikini by ACACIA

3) Crochet DetailsA sexy crocheted swimsuit? Definitely not what your granny had in mind! In addition to creating texture, crochet can also add a bit of peek-a-boo allure to your suit. Perfect for both boho-chic beach babes and flirty fashionistas alike, this trend is a must this season.

Sanctuary of Style - Serra strappy bikini by Vitamin A

4) StrappyWhile swimsuits in general bare some skin, this sexy trend takes it up a notch. Whether you’re looking to tantalize or tease, you can easily find swimwear styles with strategically placed strappy detailing that offer glimpses of your skin that would ordinarily be covered.

Sanctuary of Style - Denim bikini by PilyQ5) Denim: Most of us don’t think denim is a very beach-friendly material, but that’s because we typically associate it with jeans and shorts. But this year’s hottest collections feature some denim-inspired swim styles that are sure to stand out. Some designers take the trend a step further and add denim-inspired detailing, such as pockets, rivets and golden camel-colored stitching to complete the look.

2014’s hottest swimwear collections feature a ton of fun and flirty trends, making it hard to choose a favorite! Whether you stick to one or rock them all, you’re guaranteed to look as sizzling as the summer sun.

Susan is a blogger at Beauty and the Beach–a swimwear and lifestyle blog by InStyleSwimwear.com! Whether you’re prepping for an upcoming beach vacation or simply getting a head start on your summer style, InStyleSwimwear.com will have you looking beach-chic in no time flat. Check them out today!




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