BE FAB FRIDAY: No Smudging, Dainty Things & Dreams Fulfilled

Happy Friday Style Sistas!

What was your MOST FABULOUS moment of the week? 

Are you making the effort to STRUT IT? 

Here were a few things to help you amp up the fabulous as well as my most fab moment this week:




Mary Kay® Makeup Finishing Spray by Skindinävia®

A few weeks ago I used this Mary Kay Finishing Spray for a big outdoor event called the Mad Hatter’s Tea. I was told it would be an all day extravaganza! Wow, I didn’t have to powder my face the entire day. The spray even kept my eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner from smudging. It’s a light spray and dries quickly to set and hold your makeup in place for hours. A big thanks to the lovely Karen Lukin (beauty in polka dots) for inviting me!




Midi- Rings

These dainty little rings that sit between the first & second knuckle, have been on the scene for years, but became really hot last year. Loving my new one (Easter gift from my mom) paired with my radiant orchid nails! Target has some cute ones right now in silver and gold. 







The most fabulous moment of my week was being published for the very first time in a national magazine! Woop!  I am truly honored that Heart & Soul Magazine has made me an official LifeStyle Contributor. This magazine is revered as a leader in providing enriching content for women of all ethnicities. One of the reasons this is so monumental for me is that this is a longtime dream finally realized. In high school, my dream was to move to NYC and work as a graphic artist or editor of a fashion magazine. My bedroom walls were plastered with magazine ads. I won local art competitions for my graphic art pieces and received an art scholarship to college. When I was given the opportunity to travel for modeling work after my 2nd year in school (which I could not pass up), I put my art dreams on the back burner. BUT, those dreams were still in my heart….they were just lying dormant for a while.


Take a baby step… or heck, run boldly toward your dreams today.

Dust them off. Rekindle the flame.

As I always say, there are no expiration dates on our dreams!


Love, Tiff


P.S. If you have the dream of modeling, I highly recommend taking a peek at my girlfriends FREE VIDEO SERIES discussing her informative online modeling course, Click to find out more!



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