LIVING IN THE OVERFLOW: Fill Up Your Love Tank This Weekend [Candid Vlog]

Happy Weekend My Sistas,

Many of you have asked me to please continue sharing the candid “Motivational Monday” vlog style webisodes that I have posted the past few weeks. Since last Monday was a holiday, I thought I would share some SOS love & encouragement at the end of the week. No makeup or fancy lighting- just my heart to yours: 


Who is going to take this assignment seriously? I want to hear all about what you did for YOU this weekend and how it felt to “fill” yourself up. Remember, let go of the guilt and flip your thinking if you find that “me time” leaves you feeling selfish. You are actually doing your family & friends a disservice by not taking care of yourself. Living in the overflow will allow you to give- without resentment– to those who need you.





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Comment, Tweet, Share the SOS Love!

Make a date with yourself this weekend & let me know how it went.

It’s the last day of May! Remember to set your intentions for June, but then surrender it all.

Love, Tiff



4 thoughts on “LIVING IN THE OVERFLOW: Fill Up Your Love Tank This Weekend [Candid Vlog]

  1. Dear Tiffany, I think this is the best video you have ever done. You look stunning by the way. I dream of my face being flawless like that again. Being terminally sick I can’t get my face to get to a point where I can put makeup on and that is what I wanted to do this weekend was put a nice dress on and makeup even so my husband could see me strutting it even though you know I can only walk 5% off the time inside only.
    I luv your thinking so much. Live is so short and my husband and I were the same way with food. We tried to eat healthy yet made sure to have one day a week to eat whatever we wanted which was usually pizza or Mexican food and watch movies and relax. Now I eat so healthy, eat that’s a joke. Due to losing almost all my teeth due to my diseases and one of my diseases I can only consume liquids and am scary skinny.
    So for all of you who worry about your weight. I believe to eat in moderation. As long as you are healthy that is all that matters. Beauty is on the inside. Go watch HSN and see how one model a size 2 next to a model a size 18 look no different. They both rock the right dresses they are wearing.
    Life is short, own that body of yours and as Tiffany sais Strut it because you can be pretty on the outside and not be a nice person. That’s not beautiful, right? Always focus on your strong points mentally and physically and it’s so important to always do something every week that makes you happy. I can’t change that I inherited all my disease. I can’t go back and change things and not worry about things I did when I was healthy. All I can do is try to be happy now and I am struggling. My mother is dying, on Hospice and she is like my child as I took care of her before I got sick, our tub cracked in our apt, plumbing all broken, everything in this place we pay a lot for that we had to rent seeing online that looked like the Ritz has fallen apart and it’s hard being stuck in it when I just want to be back home as my husband is depressed too not liking it here and watching me get worse since I can’t get medical help.
    I will end this long post asking any of you what I should do to try and find happiness as I got through my days before watching all the TV shows I loved since my husband has to work even though I am not to be alone my father can’t pay for 2 full time nurses and as each show ended I felt I died with them. Any suggestions from all you beautiful women or men? I don’t have kids, was pregnant when I got sick and couldn’t keep my baby. Live life to the fullest and I really think everything Tiffany sais is so true and if you believe it in your heart and soul and live it, you can have an amazing life. As Audrey Hepburn said “nothing is impossible,’the word itself sais
    I’m possible.” Yet as my parents always told me listen to what you tell others yet I unable to go outside, haven’t seen it in 7 yrs, can’t enjoy food anymore. I am sorry for the potty party. Just any suggestions on what you would do to try and find happiness if you were bedridden and had no one but your husband to see and not much since he has to work and are stuck in a city you got medivaced and was getting medical help till you lost insurance and was doing ok till I have nothing to get me through my days since reading is too hard and all TV shows are over and as of now I won’t be alive to ever see the next season , that’s why it felt like I died when they ended. Any suggestions? Can’t afford audible?
    I will try and stay positive since I do have a husband, father and my mother is still hanging on just like me and not everyone can say they have that so I hold on tight to my strong connection to them.
    Remember you are all beautiful!!!
    Thank you to anyone who has any suggestions.

  2. Hi Tiffany!
    Love the vlog,you look awesome as always… question is this: How do you define a “win”? Can you go into detail on this maybe in a future vlog?

    • Of course my SOS bro 🙂 But to me a “win” is perhaps a moment when you handled a situation or something as simple as a bad/negative email with grace. Ya didnt allow it to ruin your day. You won!

  3. I admire your tenacity and outlook on life regardless of our current situations. Keep shining in the midst of your pain and struggle sista! I suggest watching inspiring YouTube videos. I loved watching sermons by Joyce Meyer and TD Jakes on YouTube.. and gotta love YT, it’s free 🙂

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