GET GLAM FAST: 3 Hot Sunnies For Summer


Hey Fabulous Ones!

As we roll into July, I’m sure you have already picked up a new pair of shades to rock for Summer. If not, here are my top three picks for adding instant glam factor and staying on trend even if you’re strutting around in basic tanks & flip flops. This year it’s all about vintage and retro styles:  


I. Oversized Old Hollywood Cat Shaped




Maquis Sunglasses by Tory Burch

These aren’t the traditional cat eye, but I just love them with the two-tone acetate butterfly cat-esque shape. So unique!  


II. Mirrored Lens

Mirrored_sunniesLe Specs “Chesire” at Nordstrom

This pair actually covers three trends – round, transparent and mirrored. 


III. Retro Tortoise Print or Anything Graphic


 “Quinn” by Michael Kors


Remember, check the UV protection when purchasing sunglasses! Protect your peepers.

What style are you going to try this Summer? This is a good opportunity to try something new! Even on a budget, you can find these options at Target & H&M for under $20. 

Get Glam My Gorgeous Girls.

Love, Tiff



One thought on “GET GLAM FAST: 3 Hot Sunnies For Summer

  1. Hi all you beautiful women.
    Tiffany you look so beautiful as always in your red lip as well as your girlfriend. Since I haven’t seen the outside, the world in 7 yrs except via ambulance I don’t get to buy the fun sunglasses yet my husband loves too buy a lot when he can and when we used to buy ours and he still gets amazing ones that are by expensive brands at a great deal at Nordstrom Rack. So for any of you who might be like my husband who loses his all the time yet gets to own an amazing quality sunglasses for under $20,
    I would try out Notdstrom Rack.
    Have fun.
    Tiffany is there a way you can do a blog on where you find your head scarfs since I can’t find anything except headbands or scarfs that are too big to tie on your head ?
    I love that bohemian sexy look.
    Thanks and happy shopping to you all. Oh and I apologize as I wasn’t well enough to post this 2 days ago yet if you have time today
    QVC is having today a huge sale, beautiful caftans by Racheal zoe and Nicole Riche for $9 for 4 monthly payments. Lots of clothes and home stuff all on 4 monthly payments as well as Ulta today has NYX and a few other makeup brands 40% off.
    And HSN is having a huge monthly bday sale and ever Thurs at 7 pm ET
    Is beauty report where things like Too Faced makeup palettes that are $30 right now go on sale for 3 monthly payments of $10 and free shipping. So many sales I wanted to share hoping some of you that never get to treat yourself hopefully can as I can’t right now yet would love to hear about anyone who did since my husband treated me by getting me that chochlate palette on HSN home for $12 I hope to use one day.
    Happy Shopping and as Tiffany said shop closet first which I think was so great to remind us to do and no matter what remember you are all beautiful and again as Tiffany said
    Strut your stuff. As long as you have your health you can conquer the world, never give up on your dreams and go after what you want and don’t give up as life can change so fast. I never thought I would get sick and die 3 times already and need a miracle to stay alive and am only 36.
    Believe in yourself and whatever you want in life just remember not to take no for an answer, get that job you want and never compare yourself to anyone else since you we are all unique, special and beautiful in our own way. Do what makes you happy and never worry about what others think. And of course always be the better person when someone isn’t nice just as many people say,
    Just always continue to be kind and never let them get you down.
    Easier said then done yet I know you all are beautiful if you have anything to do with Tiffany Hendra, your a living angel, amazing role model for all to learn from. Thank you.

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