40 Easy Ways to Organize Your Closet from Pinterest


Happy Saturday Sistas!

I save Pinterest browsing for Saturday mornings and love all these stylish ideas for organizing your closet. If you saw my video on closet organization, you remember that one of my first tips is to think of your closet as a mini boutique – regardless how small it is! 




One thought on “40 Easy Ways to Organize Your Closet from Pinterest

  1. Tiffany,
    I love this post because first of all your closet is gorgeous, a closet I believe most people dream of having yet what is so amazing is that you seem to have a healthy amount of stuff for something that is a huge, famous blogger. So thank you for being a great role model. My first comment or question is if you have read the book I forget the name, might be undressed that talks about how the clothing industry has gone and is going in a scary direction because of all the stores selling very chiep clothes all made in other countries. People no longer are buying less clothes that are staples and good quality that will last yet tons of chiep clothes to be able to own a lot of it. It’s nt quality like it used to be yet quantity the book stated my friend said and I can say when I was young I fell into that and now know better yet that will bring me to that great link you have about the over consumption these bloggers or people on YouTube have that I have no disrespect or I wouldn’t read or watch peoples videos to see what’s out in the world since I haven’t seen the outside in 7 years fighting to live , not able to sit on a wheelchair or walk outside so stuck and mostly bedridden now.
    Wanted to know your thoughts as well as you other beautiful women on this subject and if this book is worth getting since fashion is my world as I was planning on having a clothing line after going to FIDM,
    Fashion school. Do you think things will get worse as the book states or if there is a chance people will realize the horrible stuff that goes on when clothes are made in other countries and try hard to buy clothes made in America and maybe at least try to buy some quality stuff made in America and mix it with the less expensive as a way to start.
    What’s your thoughts?

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