MONDAY ‘Mind Over Matter’ MOTIVATION…Shut Up Tiff!

Tiff_Skirt_from Jess

I’m one who diligently tries very veryyyyyy hard to practice what I preach. I’m not even a fan of the word preach so let’s replace that with the word, teach. That sounds better, right? Why should I expect anyone to listen to what I have to say if I’m not walking the talk?

My confidence can waver just like yours. My negative self-talk can bombard me like a banshee and let’s just say.. my poor husband. My hormones can hit me like a freight train. One day I’m skipping like a school girl with butterflies swirling around my head and the next day I could karate kick anyone who gets in my path like I’m Laura Croft. Am I walking tall on those days? Not so much. I can admit it. 

I know you are used to my empowering motivational messages, but sometimes life just gives you it’s best shot and I can only ‘keep it real’ here on the blog. That’s what the vast world of blogging is all about.. sharing your experiences, tips, advice and life with the hope to inspire others. Some days I’m sure you think- Shut up Tiff! I’m just not feelin’ it.

I’m not a whiner and loathe it when women play the victim so let me make it clear here- this is neither a whine session or rant. I have a lot of good days, great days as a matter of fact, but I also experience the ebb & flow, ups & downs of life just like you. Even on the down days- there is a silver lining and lesson to it. 

The photo above is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. I’m going to just put it out there- the day I took this photo I had cramps so bad they woke me up and it felt like the devil had set up his hell camp right in my abdomen. This was a week earlier that expected so my period tracker app said. Ok, we all deal with this and it can be quite juvenile to discuss it at my age, but I promise it goes with the topic at hand. I had an important lunch meeting that day that had already been rescheduled once. I had to suck it up and take my own advice…Mind over matter, girl. What I really wanted to do was curl up in bed with some chocolate, a bag of Doritoes and zone out to the Food Network. (who loves Cutthroat Kitchen?)  I was also dealing with a serious life-threatening issue (which makes my monthly situation look like a walk in the park) with the beautiful teen girl I mentor. I mean really? I have trust that God is in control even when I feel so out of control. 

I popped some advil for the cramps. 

The positive self-talk begins. 

The affirmations roll off my tongue. 

I pray for help. 

I choose a cute outfit. ( A big thanks to my dear friend Jessica Youngblood of Just Fabulous Event for the ‘just because’ gift of that adorable black & white skirt instead of what I wanted to wear.. a moo moo so I could rub my belly. 

I listen to Miranda Lambert on the way to my lunch meeting and pump myself up… “Go and hide your crazy and start actin’ like a lady”.  By the time I got there I was walking a bit taller than when I left the house. A woman’s will to fake-it-till-we-make-it and practice mind over matter is miraculous and borderlines – a superhero power. Who agrees? With everything we have on our plates, the hormones that can make us feel like we got the life sucked out of us and all the people and different personalities we have to deal with- women are true superheroes even if we can’t find our cape and aren’t walking so tall. Come on, a man gets a little sniffle and you would think the world was coming to an end. 

Some days just suck. Those are the days you roll your eyes at the computer when I post a “Walk Tall” motivational message. (I forgive you!)  You don’t want to put your shoulders back and walk tall, but sista, stand up on the inside then eventually you will be walking tall on the outside. It’s especially important to put on a cute outfit when you’re feeling down instead of the sweats or moo moo.

Mind over matter combined with a cute outfit can totally change your day. I promise.

Love, Tiff

Mind Over Matter




2 thoughts on “MONDAY ‘Mind Over Matter’ MOTIVATION…Shut Up Tiff!

  1. (((hugs))) to you, Tiffany. Thanks for sharing that we all have “those” days and have to soldier on in some way. Sometimes, just getting the makeup on and making the bed can change the attitude. You are awesome!

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