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On the latest candid video, I share 3 of the 10 things from the list on the post “10 Things To Quit Doing To Yourself” :


Share your thoughts. 

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2 thoughts on “ARE YOU SABOTAGING YOURSELF? {Candid Vlog}

  1. What an eye opener! I have developed a very bad habit of constantly stressing over everything. From family, finances, work, outer appearance and even the pillows on the sofa! Watching your vlog and actually reading all “10 Things To Quit Doing To Yourself” made me realize that I was more than 95% of my stress and anxiety. Making unrealistic commitments, allowing myself to be sucked in by negative energy, creating a drastic or dreadful outcome in my mind for situations or matters that may or may not happen. In addition, always feeling less than or insufficient. It’s been said that the truth hurts. I must admit that first came the pain after reading the list, but the great news is that the healing process was not very far behind!
    Thanks again Tiff!

    • Amen to the healing and thank you for being brave and sharing! This is EXACTLY why I do these posts and vlogs.. women are making themselves crazy, stressed, depressed and often times- physically ill over all this. Big hug to you!

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