SUSIE AUGUSTIN: She’s A Sexy, Fit & Fab Siren {Giveaway}

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It’s hard to believe that only 18 months ago I became a Bestselling Author! This was unexpected and truly a gift from God. In Sexy, Fit & Fab at Any Age! I share my stories and challenges to inspire women to develop their essences, exude confidence, embrace their true selves and feel extraordinary. But during the creation of the book, I started experienced obstacles. I went from losing 30 pounds, being in what I thought was fabulous shape, and looking and feeling confident and sexy, to feeling “off”.

I was suffering from female health issues, fatigue, weight gain, and ended up having a hysterectomy. During my recovery, my 83-year-old mom was hospitalized, had three surgeries, her heart gave out and she passed. Also, I found that I might be a victim of identity theft. It would have been easy to let what was going on in my personal life define me and focus on recovery. Instead, I chose to put aside the way I felt and continued to move forward with my goals to make my dreams come true. I’d lost my book savings due to being on Disability, I had no credit and no budget. But what I did have was perseverance and passion. I started my publishing company Get Branded Press. I surrounded myself with uplifting people and lived with an attitude of gratitude.

Within four months I had a book launch, became a Bestselling Author and a Publisher (I published my friend Kim Somers Egelsee’s book Getting Your Life to a 10 Plus, too). Another blessing that week – my finances were recovered. Amazing opportunities came along; speaking engagements, radio and TV shows: the Beverly Hills Book Awards and the International Book Awards.

I had faith and chose to see my challenges as life experiences, the same kind everyone goes through. I also experienced my highest highs during this time. While I didn’t always feel up to doing speaking engagements or let myself be vulnerable in front of an audience, I sucked it up and put aside my pain (physical, emotional, financial) and did it anyway. You see, I had a responsibility to share my message of Sexy, Fit & Fab at Any Age! even if I didn’t always look “perfect”.

This year, I invited 24 Sexy, Fit & Fab women, age 20s through 70s, to contribute stories to my new book Sexy, Fit & Fab Sirens. These women live confident, healthy and empowered lives, they’ve overcome the odds and have gained amazing achievements.

Sexy Sirens group shot

Contributing authors: Kim Somers Egelsee, Jeanette Ortega, Monica Blanco, Sheri Fink, Karla Keene, Danielle Augustin, Shaeny Hagey, Monick Halm, Amy Stahovich, Yin Chang, Jenée Dana, Kristina Mitchell, Kristina Johnson, Casey Krebs, Stephanie Dreyer, Sherri Boyer, Jaime Kalman, Katy Bray, Sylvia Armas-Abad, Jacqueline Kettle, Vivian Pulliam, Fran Boytos, Claudia Cooley, and Nancy Somers.

Additional contributors: Erin Cottrell/Foreword (actress, The Identical); Alexis Carra/Special Introduction (actress, Mixology); and Tiffany Hendra/Endorsement (TV Host, Sanctuary of Style).

Sexy Sirens Full Cover

The theme of Sexy, Fit & Fab Sirens is Sexy Collaboration. It’s powerful when women come together – so many women, so many blessings! The book was created in 6 months and hit #1 on Amazon in 16 categories (Health/Fitness, Beauty & Style, Aging, Movers & Shakers, and more!) I’m absolutely amazed and had such an exciting time celebrating with all the authors at our Sexy Sirens red carpet book launch! Look for upcoming books Sexy, Fit & Fab Beauty Secrets and Sexy, Fit & Fab Studs in 2015.

I challenge YOU to dare to go for it, and live the life of YOUR dreams!

Susie Augustin

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To celebrate Susie and her success, she is giving away 3 signed copies of her latest book – Sexy, Fit & Fab Sirens.

To enter, simply make a comment on this blog post sharing that you accept the “challenge to dare to go for it and live the life of YOUR dreams”.

Winners announced Sunday, September 14th.


26 thoughts on “SUSIE AUGUSTIN: She’s A Sexy, Fit & Fab Siren {Giveaway}

  1. I love the idea behind your book & would love to read it. I accept the challenge to live LIFE to the fullest! I’ve always loved fashion & believe if you look great YOU feel great! Positive attitude is key!

  2. I DO dare to live my dreams!!! Just because I’m a mom of toddlers doesn’t mean my life has to be on hold!!! Here are a few of my dreams (I have a list on my refrigerator):

    1. Work the job I love, so my hubby can drop the job he hates.
    2. Go visit my cousin in Albuquerque in October 2016 for the hot air balloon festival.
    3. Visit San Fransisco.
    4. Get down to my goal weight. (17 down, 25 to go!!)

  3. Hi Tiffany,
    I would love a copy of the book. I am a 41 year old mother of 3 (two teenage boys and a darling soon to be 9 years old daughter. I absolutely love your blog. It has kept me going through all the rough times these past 2 years or so. I would love to write my stories one of these days… I definitely accept the “challenge to dare to go for it and live the life of MY dreams”.

  4. Yes, I do take the challenge to go for it and live my dreams! As with you Susie, I too have experienced some of the same challenges; health, money, and unfortunately the recent passing of my mother as well. She was also in her 80’s. So glad I found Tiffany’s site. I am ready to start a new chapter in my life. And… your inspiration and advice is definitely what I need at this time. Thank you for this empowering book.

  5. So, I recently migrated to North America leaving my family, friends and a well paying job behind for the man of my dreams. After, many failed attempts of getting a new job in the new city & crying for family back home, I am all set to welcome a new change and for good. Keeping a positive mindset and keep on trying till I succeed in every sphere of my life be it a new job or shedding extra pounds for the new me!! I definitely accept the challenge to live the life of MY dreams!!!

  6. Thank you Susie for sharing,I love to read books of this type, as they inspire me to be more positive, after hearing the story of another Sista’s path it is a reminder that any thing is possible. We all struggle with our own issues and obstacles in life and even though we try to be positive and move forward we sometimes forget and slip back into bad habits. I am definitely guilty of this.
    I will be trying to live the life of my dreams, I am so ready to start the next chapter of my life.
    Thank you also to Tiff for sharing, I always look forward to your stories and tips.

    • Fabulous Leanne! Yes, even those of us who’ve made powerful change & growth can revert back to our bad habits when under stress or pressure – just be aware, and when you Choose to replace them with better healthier habits, you may find its not as difficult as you thought.
      Best of luck!

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