2015 OSCARS RED CARPET: From Wow To Weird To Worst

Ok, I’m sad to say this year’s Oscars experience was underwhelming for me. My sweet hubby accidentally scheduled his return flight right smack in the middle of the red carpet coverage (I forgave him) then I at too much Thai food and feel asleep in a food coma right after the amazing opening act. Wow- Neal Patrick Harris nailed it! I woke up at the ending credits. Ugh! We do not have a DVR because we just don’t watch enough regular TV. I’m rethinking that one.

I did catch enough of the red carpet to assess it and give you my verdict for best & weirdest dressed.

I love the shades of Valentine colors from blush to pretty pink to vibrant red. Rosamund Pike killed it in Givenchy and totally redeemed herself after the Golden Globes fiasco. She’s my top choice of the night!

oscars_best dressed




Felicity Jones in Alexander McQueen has been growing on me! The color & bodice is so beautiful and unique. Perhaps a different shape on the bottom would have been more flattering on her. Whatcha think? 

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals




Here’s my choices for weird to worst…

Was this her sister’s home ec sewing project? First time on the carpet.. poor thing.


Note to self.. remove the gloves after dishwashing and hitting the red carpet. Yes, it’s true Gaga fashion- but come on!


I get it.. she’s trying to make a statement with the red belt, but I just don’t like it. Period. Nicole is usually in the top 3 best dressed, but this is a miss. Poor choice of clutch, too!


I’m on the fence with this one! Chrissy Teigen is a stunning supermodel, but honey, choose to highlight ONE asset at a time. The top is too low and the slit is too high. This would have been so much more glamourous with more modesty and a lighter lip.



I would love to hear your 2- cents!

I can’t believe red carpet season is over.

Overall the glitz & glamour was a success!

Love, Tiff


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