Want To Start A YouTube Channel + Share Your Message? JOIN ME OCT 17th


Hey DFW Sistas!

Since moving to Dallas, many have approached me about how to start a YouTube Channel or are just curious how I got started as a TV Host. So I began coaching aspiring talent and absolutely love helping others grow and step into their dream. After working in LA for nearly 16 years, there are so many tips and nuggets of show biz wisdom that I have to share. I also started my YouTube Channel by the seat of my pants and have learned so much by default along the way.

Check out my demo reel for a glimpse of the work I’ve done:

Do you want to be the next E! Entertainment host? 

Do you want to start sharing your own style or makeup tips on YouTube? 

Do you just want to hone your ability to give great business presentations and build your confidence? 

If this is a dream you wish to pursue- join me for an interactive workshop on October 17th. This will be the only workshop I offer this Fall so do not hesitate to register. We keep the group small so everyone has the chance to get up front and work lots.

Areas covered:

  • Fundamentals of hosting + host types (spokesperson, expert, interview, game show, sports, QVC, etc)
  • Your voice + your personality + your audience (very important for YouTubers)
  • Breaking down copy/ using bullet points
  • Workout with real audition copy from LA casting director’s
  • Interviewing & co-hosting techniques
  • Practice a panel like The View and more co-hosts like male/male & 3 women
  • Basic teleprompter

Take advantage of the early bird discount if you register by 12:00midnight on Wed, Oct 7th!



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