Take 10 Pounds Off Your Face


Bronzer has been part of my makeup routine for years to add a touch of sun to my yellow/olive skin. When I’m not tan, I look sickly and jondis! This year, I have worked on many projects with the top makeup artists in Dallas. I’m always curious about the new products and techniques they are using on me and this contour palette by Aesthetica Cosmetics was a must get and must share with you sistas.

If you are like me and carry weight in your face, this contour palette of 6 shades will literally take 10 lbs off. Plus, I have a very high forehead and there are tricks for taking me from a five-head back to having a normal looking forehead. I cannot believe I have just learned how to properly contour! Better late than never. The palette comes with 5 matte shades and 1 luminous highlighter which are refillable, guide booklet and great plastic graphic as a reference. Remember, it’s important to use the right brushes for contouring to get the perfect look.




CHECK OUT THIS GREAT BEFORE & AFTER! Seriously, 10 lbs are magically gone>>>



Aesthetica Palette GET HERE

Aesthetica Brush Set GET HERE

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A new video for the Fall Series is coming next week. Stay tuned!

Be Bold.

Love, Tiff


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