SHARE YOUR SPARKLE: What’s Your Love Language?


Happy Christmas Week Sista!

Are you in the holiday spirit? I sure am and after a whirlwind week of events, work and parties I took my own advice and recouped with lots of sleep and Wellness Formula over the weekend. If you didn’t catch my last blog on keeping your immune system strong, please make sure to check it out.

I’m just about finished with my holiday shopping and look forward to long holiday dinners with my VIP’s this week. Spending  quality time with the people I love is the best gift ever.

At this time of year, it’s easy to get consumed with buying just the right gifts when what people really want (and need) is the gift of YOU! I would much rather a friend or family member give me their time and attention than spending unnecessary money on something I don’t really need. But, that’s MY love language. Your love language might be receiving gifts. Mine is actually a combo of words of affirmation and quality time.  For me– gifts can never replace someone’s attention.  It lights me up when someone really takes the time to be present with me and ask me how I’m doing. It’s very important to me that I reciprocate as well. With all of life’s distractions and the phone being glued to our hand, this is a dying art. I encourage you to read The 5 Love Languages to understand yourself and your loved ones better.

My bestie and I decided against buying gifts for each other this year and instead we are planning to spend quality time together. We’re going to take our men to look at Christmas lights (whether they like it or not) then cook while drinking wine with holiday tunes playing. After so many lonely holidays in LA, this planned quality time is such a blessing.

I know this is a challenge with busy schedules and all the holiday activities, but that’s what makes quality time even more special when you carve it out. I decided to write a blog on this topic because it kept coming up in conversation last week.  The overall consensus was that as much as women love receiving gifts, what we love most are the things that money can’t buy. That’s the true beauty and magic of the holidays.




BE PRESENT WITH YOUR LOVED ONES, KIDS, FRIENDS. It’s the best gift you could ever give them.

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Wishing you a beautifully blessed Christmas week!

Love, Tiff




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