New Year, New Trends: TOP 5 HOME DESIGN TRENDS 2016 + New Video!

Hey Sistas!

It’s my mission to find amazing info, tips and concepts that will enrich your lives. I’m thrilled to reblog this post from my spirit sister Cortney Bailey! She has a passion for creating beautiful spaces and believes, “If you want to create your own WONDERLAND for your home, no matter if it’s the entire home or just a small corner tucked away for you, open yourself up to what makes you HAPPY in the place that you Dwell!” I share her philosophy!

If your home is feeling stagnant and uninspiring, take a look at these tips and incorporate them for the new year! I know I’m going to.

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Love, Tiff


Dream Design Dwell


Besides being excited about setting new goals for 2016 I am in LOVE with the home design trends this year! Seriously, they are amazing and I am happy to share the TOP FIVE with you! You can incorporate all five trends into your home décor as they will work beautifully together or you can choose one or two trends to add to your current home design.

Watch my new Webisode now to visually see tips & ideas for the Top 5 Trends >>>

Every year Pantone creates a new color palette. Everyone from the Fashion Houses to the Car Industry and Interior Designers plan their color choices according to what Pantone has predicted. Here are Pantone’s choices for 2016:images

Top 5 Home Design Trends for 2016: (watch my webisode above for more details & visuals on ALL TOP 5 Trends!)

  1. Snorkel Blue  – This blue comes from the navy family…

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2 thoughts on “New Year, New Trends: TOP 5 HOME DESIGN TRENDS 2016 + New Video!

  1. Girl!!! Love this post …. You know I love me some home decor …. Courtney is great!!! Loved the Video and decor ideas.
    Can’t wait for class, so I can get started!! See ya soon 😘😘😘!

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